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Any Vegan's since birth?

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I had milk a bit throughout but I did go for a year or two without having any dairy on and off. Makes little difference. Other than that totally vegan.


I have had blood tests 3 times in last year and a half and always had normal protein levels and iron levels.


Table 2: Comparison of Iron Sources





(mg/100 calories)


Spinach, cooked 15.7

Collard greens, cooked 3.1

Lentils, cooked 2.9

Broccoli, cooked 1.9

Hamburger, lean, broiled 1.2

Chickpeas, cooked 1.1

Sirloin steak, choice, broiled 0.9

Chicken, breast roasted, no skin 0.6

Pork chop, pan fried 0.4

Flounder, baked 0.3

Milk, skim 0.1

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My sister's son is a vegan since birth. Actually I think he has had something like 5 times something which has had cow milk in his life (in hospital right after being born by accident or something like that). No problems whatsoever and he's already spelling letters really well at the age of 1 year 7 months. Effin smart child. And super cute.

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A year ago I wen't vegan from a life long of eating meat and dropped to a steady weight of 140lbs(5'10). My health was good but not great. I started studying the immune system about a month ago. Looked into natural liver cleanses. I found one that mentioned radish & radish leaves with lemon and sea salt. I did it for a month and now my zinc deficiency is gone. My nails are now smooth without any lines and the half moons at the bed of the nails has disappeared.


I was asking because when a person has been eating meat for a long time; their liver and intestines should be very toxic. It would be a requirement to eat certain types of vegetables to cleanse the liver so then the liver can properly store Vitamin B12 instead of supplementing the body constantly.


Does that make sense?


Makes perfect sense. It varies from person to person, though. Some folks are set up inside to process meat more efficiently, those with Blood Type O in particular, for instance. Also, the negative impact of prolonged physical and emotional distress can be poor nutrient absorption and/or processing. It stands to reason that a tired system--tired for whatever reason--won't function as well as a peppy one.


One stunning thing I've come across in my research is that symptoms of prior illnesses I have had were noticeably lessened when I was happy. No treatments, no vitamins, nothing but a change in my state of mind. Positive emotions, alone, martial extraordinary defenses and power in the body. Ever heard of the placebo effect? Don't knock it: many physicians now believe that the grand majority of dis-eases are healed by the individual, not the medical treatment offered. I never go to the gym sad and always buck up before I step outside my house, it's better than antibacterial soap. Ha, ha!


Liver efficiency or lack thereof has been tied again and again to feelings of anger and fault-finding tendencies. I'm not saying you exhibit these qualities, not at all, I'm just bringing it up because it's interesting and relevant to my point. A large majority of folks with liver issues were discovered to have had deep resentments eating away at them, rage directed at those they felt had control over them, and/or were chronic complainers.


I was a chronic complainer for most of my life (picked it up at home, you know how it goes) and when I made conscious choices to look on the bright side, some pretty miraculous physical stuff happened to me. Many things cleared up by themselves without any medical intervention. This is the kind of thing that fascinates me, so thanks for letting me wax poetic on it here. Food cleanses go very well with attitude adjustments--I've done a lot of tag teaming that way! Ha, ha! I have some things left to do but each success builds on the one before it.


I'd say you're doing great and getting even better all the time, 2097.



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I can see fault and not get angry(no stress); would you think it will still cause a problem?


Well, it might: can you look at fault and feel happy? Since being happy is the ultimate goal, I'd recommend removing your attention from anything that does not support your happiness. I gave away my television years ago, and my stereo, and I canceled all magazine subscriptions and periodicals. I only watch movies I can fast forward through or mute on my DVD player in my computer and I only listen to music with upbeat lyrics or techno beats--I'm that serious about staying happy. It's working very well and people constantly ask me "what I'm on" because I'm so giggly and joyful all the time. I'm now in the process of weaning out caffeine and alcohol, too, because, hey, if I can do this with my thoughts, alone, who needs drugs?




PS: My experience with utilizing the mind-over-matter techniques of disease and injury treatment is that they actually yield a faster cure than conventional allopathic medicine. I mean, if you have a life-long condition and then it goes away after a few months of attitude adjustment, that's fast! Woo-HOO!

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feel happiness in a serial killer twisted way.

Hahahahhaa! Oh, wait....


I've given up all entertainment a year ago after understanding that it was like a HIGH. I got to the point where my own creativity came back; the one I had when I was younger. The trouble is still going into groceries stores that play music, I'm not even listening to the song and when I walk out, I have a song stuck in my head!

Getting high isn't all bad--endorphin rushes are what make my gym experiences extra-fun. The trick is getting high off the natural chemicals in one's body instead of adding unnatural ones for the body to contend with. Creativity is definitely a rush, especially epiphanies. My solution to piped in music at supermarkets, etc. is foam earplugs. I carry them with me everywhere. They drown out just enough crap to prevent me from killing.


I think being truly happy means going from being a consumer to a discoverer. Thats what your doing. The last thing thats keeping me happy is the computer but I believe in trading a healthy addiction for another where I will fade out of computer usage. I came on here because I would like to raise my calorie intake and gain muscles to support my spine.

Whatever works for you, works. Explore the world like a kid in a toy store and have fun with the process.


I wouldn't mind reading that info if you have it available. I'm sure you have a favorite article?

Hoo, boy, I have a zillion. Following is a very brief list of my vast library of resources. Note: None of these books is inherently religious but a few of the authors make it pretty clear in their delivery where their religious proclivities lie. As a scientific mind, I simply ignore their references and take what I need from the material, particularly the documented test cases.


"The Intention Experiment" --Lynne McTaggart (Scientific proof that the mind effects the body and other physical matter)

"The Biology of Belief" --Bruce Lipton (Scientific exploration of how the body takes its orders from the mind)

"The Hidden Messages in Water" --Masuru Emoto (Very cool photographic evidence that thoughts effect the physical world around us)

"What the Bleep Do We Know?" --(Very entertaining DVD that explains all of the above and was shot right here in Portland, OR)

"Quantum Healing" --Deepak Chopra (All of the above, with more medical references)

"The Isaiah Effect" --Gregg Braden (Explores how directed thought effects health and the physical world)


I am a die hard scientist who will not accept, much less teach, anything that has not been proven in a scientific way. I do not teach anything that does not work for me 100% of the time, predictably and satisfactorily. I can tell you now, with no reservations, that what you think is infinitely more powerful than what you do. I've proven it time and time again, especially in the area of health.


Here's a quick example: a few weeks back I led a hike with a group of people to see a waterfall on the side of our volcano, Mt. Hood. The hike was less than four miles long, very public, and not steep at all but I was exhausted by the time I got home. The stress of leading the hike, seeing to everybody's needs, and making sure everyone was safe really put me through the wringer. Then, just last week, I did a solo hike twice as long and more than three times as strenuous deep in bear country. I finished it feeling energized and happy. The stress was what exhausted me on that easy hike, not the physical expenditure. Tomorrow, I'm going back to do something even more intense...alone. Can't wait!



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Thank You.


I'm going to have a look into them. :) Hopefully I'll be able to get them here in Italy.


Since you shared. Its only fare I share something. They are short but have very valuable information. If only athletes knew this information; we would see amazing sports performance.


The Purposes of Work(17 Pages)

Using Fear and Anger to Gain Courage and Happiness(12 Pages) - My favorite of all times.




Italia? How cool! Ciao bel ragazzo! Graci for the books, I'll see if my library knows how to track them down. Hey, how do you say, "I'm a bodybuilder and you're not" in Italian? If I practice saying it really fast, people who annoy me will think I'm insulting them. Which I will be--Ha!


Time to go ice my arm after the gym.



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