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Hi From Boston!


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hey guys! I just joined today (although lurked for awhile). I am in Winchester MA. I am 38 and have 2 daughters under 5.


I switched to vegan after meeting Tony Horton and his chef (Melissa Costello/karmachow.com) at a Beachbody coach event (I am a coach). they are both vegans and I did a cleanse with them with no gluten/caffeine/booze/animal prod/sugar. I felt so good that I have not stopped after the initial 30 days. It has been quite a progression.



When I was 25 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism- which slows your metabolism down. I started turning to fad diets to lose weight, but I could never keep it off. And I always lifted heavy. Two years ago I realized that my nutrition needed to change, so I went to precision nutrition where I learned how to eat clean. I combined that with p90x. Before/after:




This was my most recent picture, but I had shoulder surgery 6 months ago. This was the day before.




During recovery was when I started the cleanse. Not lifting and switching to vegan made me drop 10 pounds, and my cholesterol 60 points.Its been 2 months now so I am still picking up the vegan lifestyle. Read Thrive, Engine 2, and have been a precision nutrition follower for years and Ryan Andrews is a big time vegan. I will try not to ask too many questions In the meantime, if anyone has p90x or other Beachbody questions feel free to ask! I am starting to be able to lift more,so I am doing some mixing and matching and TRX (I can only workout in a gym twice a week because of daycare dropoff duties).




I hate where I am at now, because of the surgery, but compared with 2 years ago I am real happy. I should be able to start lifting more now, and the abs have tightened up more in the last 10 days.




side and I was in a hurry so apologies for poor quality





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