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My goal is to compete next spring

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Much better diet day! I started off with my green smoothie with brown rice protein. For lunch the fam had chick fil a but I had a hummus wrap with sunflower kernels. For my snack I ate celery with peanut butter and did not have dinner just had some chocolate banana superfood muffin my kids and I made. No oil and no eggs! I did 100 pushups and biked 9 miles. My calories were 1230. I didn't eat enough greens today. My cycle is in a few days and that is why I have been cheating on Teddy grahams and other junk. I may wait to take pics on Sunday bc I am retaining a lot of water. I am excited because I have noticed changes on my back and upper!

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Rough weekend bc my kids are sick so my training and diet suffered. My kids come first and I can always get back on track. I am thinking about increasing my cals to go on a bulking dirt but I am afraid of gaining too much fat in the process. Not sure what to do. Back on track tomorrow!

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1. Green smoothie

2. Almonds

3. 2 bean burritos

4. Green smoothie with pb and brown rice protein after workout



Squats 45 lb x 20 3 sets

Lunges 10 lb x 20, 20 lb x 20

Jumping lunges

Frog jumps

Curls 20 lbs. X 12 reps, 3 sets

Concentration curl 20 lb x 7 reps

Wide bar curl x 3 sets

Jump rope intervals 60/15

Biked 18 miles burned about 500

I ate a few nutter butter cookies

Total calories were 1500

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Fitchick, your measurements sound good..I wouldn't focus on the weight LOSS but more so the LEAN MUSCLE GAIN. Eat more & more often otherwise you'll forego the expense of putting on Lean Body Mass which is what you want.


I just did my first figure comp, and depending on the federation you go into, they tend to love tall gals like yourself that have just enough definition, but still are very feminine in their figure. If you buckle down, train with heavy weights & start eating MORE...more as in more large green salads, add sprouts which are high in protein & nutrients, so that you're getting complete foods. Green smoothies are great, but add more greens no more "milks" just water, and back off on high sugar fruits. A more veggie based Green Smoothie is: spinach, red pepper, carrot, apple & a beetroot. Or do apple & parsley, spinach & banana, or watermelon & celery...adding to all of them Chia Seeds which are another protein source you can get at whole foods store.


Hope this helps


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I really think I have an eating disorder.

1. Green smoothie with water, hemp protein, vega

2. Hummus sandwich on ezekiel with sprouts, handful blueberries and apple

3. Green smoothie with vega and hemp

4. Hummus wraps( I am addicted) gotta stop this

5. Bluberry vegan scones homemade(more than one) too many



No workout today

Bought the tae Bo DVD yesterday to mix things up a bit. It was fun


I feel like my legs are getting bigger, I feel like it is fat but maybe muscle. It is hard to tell when I look in the mirror. Taking pics soon.

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Thanks vegimator, I just tend to binge too much and I think it may be because I didn't eat good food for the past year on my old diet....I can't compete if I binge so I do need to get control before I undo all of my hard work..


Maybe eating gluten is doing this? I didn't eat it before

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No more bingeing for me! I started off my day with a green smoothie with hemp protein. For lunch I had a baked potato with broccoli and a side salad without dressing, coffee,coke zero and water. I think I may have a gluten intolerance so I am staying away from it. I felt miserable yesterday but today I feel fabulous!


I am going to wait until the spring to compete. We have my daughter's bday next month, a trip planned after and then the holidays. I want to be able to enjoy these occasions and not be stressed right now eating for competition. It gives me more time to prepare and focus more. I will not give up bc I am continuing to see small changes. It will only get better!

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Thanks Amanda!


I am so happy my kids are well again! I woke up at 5 this morning and ate 1/2 banana.


5:30 a.m.

Treadmill run/walk 30 min burned 330 cal

Back and legs workout

Back cables 3 setsx15

One arm rows 20 lbsx3

Barbell rows 40 lbs x3


Step ups 50 with 10 lb dumbbells

Squats 40 lb x20

Frog squats 10 lbs x 100

Bridge 100

Frog jumps x 1

1. 1/2 banana pre workout

2. Greek yogurt with brown rice protein and green superfood, coffee with almond milk

( occasionally I have dairy) I couldn't find anything else

3. 3 cups mixed greens, 1/4 sunflower kernels, 3 strawberries, 10 mushrooms with olive oil, rice vinegar and lemon juice

4. Vanilla protein iced coffee with almond milk

5. Lemon raisin muffin, 1/4 cup homemade veggie soup, 1 slice whole wheat bread

6. Sliced pears

Total 1500 calories


6:30 pm

Biked 8 miles burned 220 calories

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5:15 ate 3 oz banana pre workout

5:30 biked 9 miles

Chest and bicep workout

Chest press. 15 lb x 15 3 sets

Chest fly. 15 lb x 15. 3 sets

Bicep curls 15 lb x 15 6 sets

Concentration curl 15 lb x 15 3 sets

Barbell curl 40 lb x 15 3 sets



1. 3 oz banana pre workout

2. Vanilla soy protein shake 3 oz. Banana and almond milk, 2 slices pineapple

3. Almonds

4. Hummus wrap,mixed greens, sunflower nuts, mushrooms, 2 slices pineapple

5. Grapes

6. Bean enchilada with salsa, sour cream and a bit of cheese, edamame

About 1500 cals


7:30 pm 20 min. yoga

I was too tired to do a second session of cardio so I did yoga instead

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I just got this book called the bikini competition guide in the mail yesterday and was looking over it today; it talks about doing a lot of drastic things close to competition, like seriously dehydrating right before competition, and taking water loss pills 24-48 hours before competition...were you planning on doing that? That stuff scares the crap out of me!

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Do you think it's possible to compete without dehydrating? Or do you think if someone didn't they would stick out like a sore thumb? I wanted to compete to look awesome and be healthy; I don't think dehydrating yourself is the best way to get a healthy look! it's so silly!

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I don't know but I want to be healthy too without putting my body through that. I think I would be miserable. One of my friends just competed in figure and she carb depleted for a week and then loaded before the show and had no water at all the day of the show and only a cup the day before....the next day she had eaten so many carbs her veins were popping and looked completely different than the day of the show!

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3 days in a row and up at 5 am working out!

5:30 am treadmill 45 min

Shoulder workout

10 lb. Dumbell presses, 3 sets x 15

10 lb. Dumbell raise, 3 sets x15

10 lb. Dumbell Y raise 3 sets x 15

Abs on Swiss ball

200 twists

6:30 pm- biked for 30 min


Meals- not good today

3 oz. Banana pre-workout

1. 1/4 of a nasty green smoothie, 1 tbsp. Peanut butter, 3/4 cup cinnamon cereal

2. 2 burritos frees taco bell, nachos

3. 4 Graham crackers

4. Veggie pizza, garlic knots, salad

I felt guilty after eating the junk for dinner so I biked afterwards

I was so tired after my crappy lunch today so I took a nap.


My good friend said I looked thin today so that made my day!


I drank way too much coffee today...bad habit that needs to be broken.

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Treadmill 45 min

Bicep and tricep workout 20 lbs. Skull crushers @ 40 lbs

1. Green smoothie

2.mixed nuts

3. Choc sunflower seeds, steamfresh potato and onion blend, sugar free cookies

4. Nuts


The weather is amazing today! I love fall


5:30 am. Biked intervals or 30 min

Lunges w 10 lb dumbbells 3 sets of 20

Squats 45lb, 3 sets x 20

Deadlifts 45 lb, 3 sets, 20, 30, 40

Plié squats. 50

On legged squat 25 each leg

Booty to ground 50

Frog squats 25

Walked on incline for 15 min

Prob burned around 600 cal?

1. 3 oz. Peach pre workout

2. Finished the peach

3. Mixed nuts, 4 oz. Banana

4. Hummus with green peppers

5. 3 oz mango

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No workout today! I worked out 6 days in a row so I need a break

1. Green smoothie

2. 1/4 larabar

3. Hummus wrap with greens

4. 3/4 larabar

5. Probably just have another smoothie for dinner

I felt great this morning but after I ate the wrap I started feeling bad again. I am thinking I have a gluten intolerance

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This weekend went by so fast! I didn't work out bc I wanted to take a few days off. I measured my waist this morning and I was down 1/4 of an inch and I lost 1/2 inch on my biceps! All of my jeans are too big! I am taking progress pics this week so I guess I will see if I have made any changes.

I had oatmeal, hummus wrap, peanut butter, cinnamon cereal,2 boca patties and pineapple

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I took the kids to the park and ran a mile straight pushing an 80lb stroller! I ran walked another 4 miles, trained back and bi's and biked 8 miles. I felt awesome today


1. Green smoothie

2. Chick fil-a fries and fruit cup

3. Vega smoothie and brown rice protein with almond milk


5. Hummus on wheat bread, steamfresh baby potato blend,

6. 5 slices pineapple

1440 cals


Ran 1 mile, ran/walk 4 miles, biked 8 miles

Biceps 25 lb 6 reps, 20lbsx 10 reps, 2 sets

Barbell rows 45 lb x10 3 sets

Dumbell rows 20 lbs x15, 3 sets

Abs on Swiss ball

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