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Kosher same as organic?


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Beats me but I doubt it. Perhaps there's a regional meaning of kosher I'm not aware of, but I'd guess that kosher meant it didn't use pig remains/excrement as fertilizer...


But maybe it's just a variety like kosher salt, having nothing to do with Jewish beliefs.

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Was out shopping for the long weekend and picked up some kosher spinach which was beside the organic one, is kosher the same as organic? (no pesticides)


No. "Kosher" means that it conforms to ancient Jewish dietary laws and that this compliance has been inspected, approved by a Rabbi.


"Organic" means that the food is created without artificial fertilizers, without pesticides, without herbicides and in the case of livestock, without drugs. The label "organic", many people believe, is not as strict since the government stepped in to create a standard.


The specifications for "organic" and "kosher" do not overlap.

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