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The power of the grapefruit! burning fat fast?


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It isn't news.


GNC was selling grapefruit diet pills when I was a kid ( combine with exercise....they really put that in a booklet in the bottle ) and at the time my mother told me the grapefruit diet was around when she was a kid back in the 1940s.


Fad diets are a bit like fashion, they come and go in cycles.


For example, both raw foodism and the low carb diet have been around since the 19th century.


If these diets provided lasting and satisfying solutions people could live with those diets wouldn't be abandoned once a generation.

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Raw foodism is not to be included with fad diets such as Atkin's Diet and Grapefruit diet ! All animals eat raw and humans have done so for thousands of years before the discovery of fire, and many people are eating raw now and will in the future. If raw foodism is a fad diet then cooked food is a fad diet also.

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