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iron absorbtion and iron inhibitors


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I've been doing research lately on Iron. I am slighty anemic and want to find ways to imrpoove my iron levles. Also. I do not think my calcuim levels are exactly the best as well... SO I have some questions after the tid bit of info I posted


Iron works best with Vitamine C.


Iron inhibitors: Avoid con sumng phtate-rich food and Calcium-rich food

Avoid consuming calcium and iron rich foods in the same meal

Avoid consuming Zink with iron rich foods

phytate rich foods are nuts/seeds and grains...

Calcium rich food are in nuts/seeds, beans, grains, veggies, fruits ect.

Zinc rich foods are found in protein rich foods


So...my questions are...


1.how can iron be absorbed when phtate rich foods, and calcium rich foods are present when they have a good source of iron as well?

2. How can I balance out my iron Intakes and my Calcium intakes at the same time when iron and calcium are usually found in the same types of food. (example: mollases has 20% iron and 10% calcium) ? They can't be taken together.

3. One thing about being a vegan is that I am usually worried about my Calicum and Iron intake. Is there any one out there who can sort of work out a iron and calcium nutrition plan with whole foods?



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Where did you hear that you're supposed to avoid high zinc foods when eating iron? They're pretty much always in the same foods and I've never heard that one impairs absorption of the other.


The same is true with calcium and iron. These nutrients are almost always found together even in non-vegan foods and I've never heard you should avoid mixing them.


My tips would be to eat as much high iron food you can of all types (nuts, seeds, legumes, greens, and blackstrap molasses), cook in a cast iron pan and include tomato sauce or citrus juices in what you cook.


And probably take an iron supplement too if your levels are quite low.

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30mg twice daily is what I do.. But everyone's needs are different.

Jeebus really? The RDA is only 18mg! Perhaps your large intake requirement is due to the heme/non-heme absorption difference?




I now just take one pill once daily.


My anemia was very bad. Not only did I have the usual symptoms (cold hands/feet, pale skin, tiredness) but I had dizzy spells, irritability, and menorrhagia. I felt very sick, I would be out of breath just from walking up the stairs in my house. I ate spinach every day, raisin bran, avoided soy like the plague.. Nothing really helped so the doc told me to take pills.

The heavy menstrual flow caused me to lose iron so quickly.. It's a problem I have so I take my iron supplements religiously around that time.

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Even though my iron is pretty good now, I still have cold hands almost all the time. I guess my circulation is poor, but it's always been like that.


At least I feel rested after a good night's sleep finally!! I hated sleeping 10+ hours and waking up feeling like I only had 20 minutes of sleep.

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