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Revelation! Raw eating! Wonderful book!


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what if you did the 811 diet and did mostly veggies instead of mostly fruit? Would that be cheaper? and less sugary? Or do you think it would be impossible to get enough cals?

impossible to get calories. you have to read the book, it explains all very detailed. the point is to get as much sugar as possible, meaning as much calories as possible.

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OK, I had a 100% fruity day yesterday and today I feel like doing it again.

This was my DIVINE breakfast: 1 kg of super-ripe plums (this is our national fruit), for 1$, or 0,70 EUR, blended with 1 spoon of chia seeds. YUMMY!

And there are tons of grapes waiting for me for lunch, hehehhe



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Most books on raw food diets are not written by authors with degrees, credentials or a formal education in nutrition. To put it bluntly, many of the beliefs behind raw foodism are "made up" and even contradict basic biochemistry known for centuries that any college student would read in a text book.


Brenda Davis R.D. is a coauthor of The American Dietetic Position Paper On Vegetarianism, architect of the anti-diabetes program for the Marshall Islands and an author of about half a dozen books on veg*n related nutrition. She has the education. She has the credentials. She is fact based.


If you read any book on raw foodism, you should read hers as it will based on facts.


Becoming Raw The Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Diets

You always say in most of your posts "authors with degrees, credentials or a formal education in nutrition" with a link to your blog. How many times do we hear from "authors with degrees, credentials or a formal education in nutrition" that we must drink milk and eat meat? Many times. Many intelligent people are reluctant to study nutrition at university because it is useless and worthless, nutrition is not an exact science, the information is biaised, the teachers are paid by the big food brands to say certain things and not say other things. Many registered dieteticians are also paid by the dairy industry or other lobby that dictate what to say.
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Update on my raw experiment!


It was really a revelation to try to go raw (I am still trying.). I've spent some time (a month maybe?) during which I ate mostly raw food - lots of fruit and some vegetables. It happened that I ate non raw food once in 2-3 days or once a day (in small amounts), depending on the circumstances.




+ Fruit gave me supreme energy. The feeling of loading with glycogen in a negative amount of time is stunning. And hey, that energy is long lasting - this was a big surprise! The feeling of being able to wake up, eat a melon or two and start doing pull ups and push ups 15 minutes later, then jogging for 5 kms, then eating some more fruit and feeling as if you haven't trained is very overwhelming.


+ I found out that you can recover very good from anaerobic training with fruit!


+ A general feeling of enhanced awareness.


+ Cooked food feels ... dry? Therefore I have quit my addiction to bread. Not that I couldn't stop eating it before but now it's not as attractive as before. Some supposedly 'juicy' cooked foods also feel dry.


+ I got the answers to many many questions like "What is the optimum environment for the human?" "How does it feel not to be tired from ... eating?".


+ /Philosophical/Gnostic part: Yes, Dr Graham is right - we are tropical creatures! And people might object to that by saying that humanity has evolved and moved to different climate zones and adapted to the conditions there. - No, we have not evolved. We have just changed the environment and not adapted to it! We have brought the tropical temperature with us using clothes and more recently air conditioning. The deeper conclusion here is that we do have the ability to eat everything and survive in many harsh circumstances. However, we were not meant to spend our entire lives in such conditions. We are living in an exception and we're trying to discover general truths basing our conclusions on...exceptions!!! By exceptions I mean eating cooked food - yes, we can do it. Yes, we cannot survive on raw food in the tundra or in the continental late autumn. But we weren't meant to be surviving in such conditions for generations in the first place. Nature gave us the tools to escape a scarce environment in case we got into it. It didn't mean us to stay there for years.

Having these basics, knowing how our bodies are supposed to function has helped me a lot. Before I only knew something was wrong. Now I know exactly what is wrong (the physical body in an unnatural environment) and I know how things look like when you fix them (the natural feeling of true well being).


- It is hard to obtain so much fruit in the continental climate zone, especially with the summer already passed.

This, however, is only slowing me down on the way to complete raw eating!


I still don't eat only raw food because that would, at the moment, mean starvation for me. This will change in the future and I'm not giving up:) It feels like when I was going vegan from vegetarian.


Those of you who are already raw fooders might just laugh at my attempts to 'discover hot water'. However, I think it is good to share this information while I am in the transition period.

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"The 'blood type diet' is a diet advocated by Peter D'Adamo, a naturopathic physician, and outlined in his book Eat Right 4 Your Type. D'Adamo's claim is that ABO blood type is the most important factor in determining a healthy diet, and he promotes distinct diets for people with O, A, B, and AB blood types.


Throughout his books D'Adamo cites the works of biochemists and glycobiologists who have researched blood groups, claiming or implying that their research supports this theory. Nevertheless, the consensus among dieticians, physicians, and scientists is that the theory is unsupported by scientific evidence.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]"


Come on now. Science > 'Blood Type Diet'



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Eating by blood type is a joke. So you tell your bro how it is!


I believe the blood type theory. I am type A and do best on gluten, rice, legumes, vegetables and little non-tropical fruit. Gluten pasta gave me problems in Canada because companies in North America have no laws on how pasta is supposed to be made; they mix soft grain(not ready) and hard grains together while pasta should be made only with hard grains.


Meat and ripe tropical fruits gave me major intestinal problems. Tropical fruits make me feel nauseous for a couple hours.


My brother does extremely well on meat.

I thought according to this theory Type A should avoid gluten and wheat ? I've read Adamo's book for type A and followed this diet for about a year, avoiding too much gluten, bananas and tomatoes. I don't really understand what he says; he claims tomatoes are too acid for Type A for he says grapefruit, lemons etc are good. If he's right about is theory, we could observe in the microscope many red blood cells of Type A blood surrounding the nutrients of bananas or meat, etc, and this reaction not being observed with Type O, for instance; have this ever been observed ? And has he done it with every food listed in the book and for each blood type ? I doubt it.

What you say about meat or other foods has maybe more to do about genes and ethnic groups rather than blood types. For instance, concerning cow's milk, Europeans consume it since thousands of years and they developed a gene that allows their body to continue producing lactase after childhood, the enzyme that digests the lactose in milk. But most Chinese people and Asians dont have this gene yet. Maybe samething for meat, tropical fruits, etc. But I know that you and your brother are from the same ethnic group and similar genes, so I don't really know. I guess its just that each person is different, more acid stomach, etc; different moods at different time sometimes a certain food is not well digested and the same food but another day its really good; it depends on what you need at which time, we change everyday so the food we choose to eat also must change, its all about balancing the elements of life and the Yin and Yang... You need to listen to your body.

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