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World championship Gold goes to humble Indian Veg Wrestler


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World championship Gold goes to humble Indian Veg Wrestler:




Given that India is probably the worst country when it comes to support Sports Talent, absolute lack of training and funds.. unless you are a highly marketed CRICKET player. Other than that.. Indian sports... suffer..


I say hats off to this guy from a very HUMBLE background.



Sushil Kumar learnt all the Wrestling tit-bits from “Akhada” which is called a school for wrestling in India. This Akhada was in Chhatrasal Stadium. He started Wrestling at the tender age of 14 years. Although there are insufficient funds for wrestling and lack of proper trining is also there yet his family made it sure by sending him tinned milk, ghee and all beneficial vegetables that he always gets his full diet.


Sushil Kumar is presently employed as Chief Ticketing Inspector in Indian Railways ... (they dont make much)



[Read entire Article for his story... of lack of training, funds and of persistence]



An elusive Olympic medal for India may have changed the opinion of the world about him, but for wrestler Sushil Kumar life has been the same even after his miraculous achievement in Beijing.


For a man who has been rooted firmly to the old Indian tradition of guru-sishya, practicing hard and respect for the elders is all that he knows. Wrestling is his life and he is highly satisfied with his scruffy accommodation at Chhatrasal Stadium in Delhi, a place where he has been staying for over a decade, learning the nuances of wrestling from his gurus. Far away from the glamorous world outside, he has never been to a movie theatre. This kind of sacrifice speaks volumes about a man who is dedicated entirely to his game.




I eat lots of almond, butter, ghee, fruits and drink milk (3-4 liters)

I have never been to a cinema hall: Sushil Kumar



Sushil Kumar


The 25-year-old wrestler who came home with an Olympic bronze medal, drinks some four litres of milk everyday. “A wrestler needs to be strong and not overweight,” he says.


Fitness mantras: Kumar wakes up at the crack of dawn at 3 am. His gruelling exercise routine lasts between 3.45 am and 9 am and during this time he runs five to six kilometres followed by sprinting, stretching exercises, sit-ups and rope climbing. He rests between 9 am and 3 pm. But by evening he’s ready to start all over again. “However, I run only two kilometres in the evening,” says Kumar.


A vegetarian, Sushil’s diet includes rotis, pulses, paneer, sprouts and lots of fruits and badam milk.


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