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I'm vegan about 2 years now, and mostly raw vegan .. im not taking any supplement or protein shakes or protein powder etc.. nothing extra, only fruits,vegetables,potatos,rice thats my diet, as i start being vegan i was 68kg and now im 75kg lowfat body! i dont know if i have old pictures i will do my best to find some.. because this last years my life was really complicated anyways.









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So you are not eating any wheat??

And what's zour calorie intake before and after you went vegan?

Are zou eating some nuts,seeds or oils?

Nice pics.


well, no oils some nuts and seed yes.. some flax seed and some walnut,hazelnut but not that much and rare!

im getting about 3000-4000 colories per day! dont for before, i really dont know :P

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Ah okay, so no grains except rice?

3000-4000 calories?? Damn that's pretty much I assume the most of your calories are fruits and rice am I right?


Ah and what's your height?


Yes you're right, mostly raw fruits,rice,potatos,greens :P

my hight is 1,82 cm

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