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Whos' Raw? and who wants to tell me about it?


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I understand the balancing act between yin and yang but what makes a person a yin or a yang, this is where my confusion is. Thanks.
That's how asking what makes a person the way she is like this or that, thin, large, easy-going or nervous... Many factors. But we are not Yin or Yang, we are the quality of Yin and Yang and we all have both Yin and Yang. But in general, women are more Yin and Men are more Yang. Ederly women tend to be very Yin.
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obviously wiki isn't the end-all be-all resource but this is how I learned about the macro diet, and it seems to focus a lot on balancing yin and yang as far as foods go. I thought it was interesting. Whether or not you buy into the macro principles, I think everyone could use more balance with food and life in general.



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I have now come to the conclusion that the health benefits of a mainly raw vegan diet make it the optimum diet for human beings. The amount of processed crap in the average vegan diet, such as meat analogues, not to mention the consumption of large amounts of soy and refined carbs are detrimental to human health.


Sprouted quinoa and quinoa have excellent amino acid profiles and are highly conducive to training.


Check out powerlifting champion Pat Reeves:



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100$ a week? LOL! Ive spend 150$US on an organic malaysian durian meal for one.


Personally I find it easier to get enough carb calories as a fruit bat by drinking blended dates/bananas like in this video.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xSUtRN9YX0 My sport is running/cycling.


Depends on what your goal is. Some people find it hard to get enough calories to keep the mass on.


The 2 books to read are both by Doug Graham.



Nutrition & Athletic performance.


All the other raw books are pretty much a waste of time really as they are not written by raw vegan athletes and their recipes are too deficient in carbs to keep you raw if thats your goal.


Low fat, high carb wholefood based vegan programme is WAY better than a low carb, high fat, raw vegan programme. I used to be a raw chef and now if Im making food for non vegans, I make low fat, high carb tasty vegan food for em so they get enough carbs and have enough glycogen to crank it.


Here is a pic of Doug Graham. 57. If your raw author doesnt look lean, fit and strong? Put the book back on the shelf!




Here is a pick of my gal from a few weeks ago. We both do b12 injections as well as we both come from a history of bad digestion before we went vegan. http://www.sweetjuicyfreelee.com She is also of the experience that high fat raw diets are crap and your better off eating real rice than cauliflower/maccadamia 'rice'. Ive seen Freelee knock back around 50 large bananas in a day. She punches like a pub brawler!





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