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I recently wondered if a family cow (a well cared for happy pet dairy cow with a loving family on a big green pasture) is an ideal way to attain dairy? I subscribe to Mother Earth News and this was an article in a recent issue that answered my question....







This article is not necessarily sugar coating the reality, I find it to be more factual on the process and so for myself I was able to determine that the mother cow suffers (if not regularly milked, when separated from calf, and from being kept continuously pregnant and from milking after weaning). And the calf suffers from that separation. Attaining milk, even from one singular loved and well cared for family cow, unavoidably involves suffering and likely slaughter to an unwanted life (the male calf).


FYI, I myself would never consume dairy even *if* there were no suffering or slaughter simply because of the seriously unhealthy aspects of dairy consumption.


PS Tonight I'm making chile rellenos stuffed with ooey gooey Daiya!

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