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FREE Vega or Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness T-shirts


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As posted on FB a moment ago: (note I just have a few VBB shirts, all worn by me....so not "new" but close to it).


Hey everyone,




Just a quick note to let you know that all Vega products are 15% OFF at Food Fight Vegan Grocery http://store.foodfightgrocery.com/ for the next few days until Sept. 25th.




I've posted publicly on FB that if you order at least 2 containers of Vega and email me telling me about it, I'll send you a FREE Vega t-shirt (or limited supply of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness t-shirts) + some Free Vega packets.




Have fun!




Also join us on www.veganbodybuilding.com/forum




And checkout my book at:








We're doing some great stuff this year to help bring about awareness of animal cruelty and we're actively getting people to think differently about food and animals as they see something they may not have seen before....super fit and healthy vegans....which is my vision for the future......




For others to associate veganism with being fit, healthy and happy.




All the BEST!




Robert Cheeke




[email protected] is the email address when you order Vega to let me know how to hook you up!

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Here are the places for the book in Canada:



Karmavore Vegan Shop – http://www.karmavore.ca


Viva Granola - http://www.vivagranolaveganstore.ca/


My lie is way too crazy at the moment so I don't have a tour schedule posted anywhere. I use Facebook and Twitter for all of that since I can update it on my phone.


I'll actually be in Canada in about 48 hours, but just quietly making a visit, not giving any talks or anything like that.


I may be doing some talks in BC in the winter and Toronto in the Spring.


@RobertCheeke on Twitter is a good place to hear about what I'm up to.


THanks for your interest in the book!


I really appreciate it!


Have a great weekend!



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Sure....anyone can carry the books, anytime.


I self-published and was selling them directly for a while but my book go picked up by a publisher a few weeks ago and orders will go through them soon. Their version comes out in 2 weeks I believe. I don't have any books at the moment but will have some in a couple of weeks but it will be easier to order from Book Publishing Company directly.


www.bookpubco.com is where to order from

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