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Largest Vegan Festival

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Yeah, I think I have a good idea since I go to pretty much all of them for my job


I can try to get links later but a Google search based on the festival name will take you directly there too.....


From my understanding the largest vegan festival is in Thailand in Puket (sp).


After that one, which I've never attended, the other large ones are in this order:


Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival approx 20,000 attendees


The next 3 approx 15,000 attendees


Chicago Veggie Fest


Boston Vegetarian Food Festival


Seattle VegFest


Central Florida Vegetarian Festival = approx 10,000 attendees



then these ones below are all about the same, approx 5,000 attendees


Portland VegFest


San Francisco World Vegetarian Day Festival


Los Angeles Worldfest


Richmond VegFest


Charlottesville VegFest


Then smaller events like


DC VegFest


New Orleans VegFest


Denver VegFest


and some others.


But that is a list to get you started. Happy travels.

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PS I see you're in Queensland


I ship books there and I know the recipient puts on vegan festivals too.


Maybe this address will be helpful:


The Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Qld Inc

1086 Waterworks Road

The Gap Qld 4061


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I'm planning to come to AUS in Dec or Jan



Sounds good, hopefully im not in thailand.. let me know wat the go is when u come.. I want all the education about veg body building nutrition i can get..

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