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New to the Vegan world

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Welcome to the group. Follow Your Heart Vegan cheese is my favorite, I especially like the Monterey Jack flavor. There are lots of soy yogurts out there, I prefer Silk's soy yogurt. You just have to experiment with the different brands and you'll find one that you prefer.

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Daiya is great for very melty vegan cheese. Follow your hearts not bad either though it takes longer to melt. If you can afford it, Dr Cow's raw nut cheeses are amazing for cheese and crackers type stuff.


As for yogurt, I'm a big fan of so delicious coconut yogurts.

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Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately all these products are NOT available in Mauritius. We currently do not have a market for that as I am among the few vegans in a 1.2 million population!


I wonder if India does produce all the stuffs you mentioned above. It wd definitely be cheaper there I suppose ... unless it's already affordable in your country. It would have been wonderful to give to my countrymen the possibility to choose these products as substitutes to dairy products. Should you have any idea about that, please feel free to make your suggestions. I never knew that the products you mentioned existed!


Thanks so much



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Hi. I am veg since 1997 and I am in the process of becoming vegan. Already stopped with cow milk but badly need good substitutes for cheese and yogurts!


But I will get there ...




You only need to know a little bit more nutrition to be vegan, but there is a lot of BS "out there" about nutrition. People and organizations saying things that are not true. I created a SHORT post to help guide people to reliable sources ( educations, degrees, formal credentials in nutrition ) of vegan nutrition information:



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Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately all these products are NOT available in Mauritius.


Wow, Mauritius! Well, you might consider making your own cheeses then. There are a lot of great recipes out there. You might want to invest in the uncheese cookbook -



I hear there are some duds in that book but a lot of great recipes too.


I've made this brazil nut cheese ball before and it's fantastic - http://www.vegetariantimes.com/recipes/10028


This "goat cheese" is great too - http://www.vegetariantimes.com/recipes/10952


This is a good spicy cashew cheese sauce - http://www.cooks.com/rec/view/0,1915,144181-231192,00.html


It calls for nutritional yeast though (as will a lot of recipes) which may be hard for you to come by in your country. You could try ordering it online in bulk though.

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