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My Before and Current Pictures. Still a long way to go!

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Hey everyone! I am new to this board and so happy that I am a member now I have been a vegetarian all my life and recently switched to the vegan lifestyle I am so happy i did and feel amazing! Okay so let me explain these pics.


The first one is when i JUST graduated from college...i partied a lot and replaced meat with fried foods...yuk.






This is now and I want to tone and gain muscle from here.






The weight loss was from a switch in diet alone without any working out. My problem is area is definitely my tummy but I dont workout now so i am hoping everything gets toned

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Alright so I made the decision to look into a figure competition! I was iffy about it and I didnt want it to be unhealthy for my body...(i still am a little iffy about the health aspect of it) BUT I figure that I really do not know unless I try. I have been looking into this for a few years and I keep coming back to this dream. Think I have a chance? I will be following a vegan diet of course which I really have to fix up and I just became a Beachbody Coach so I will be using P90x. Let me know your ideas


I really like this forum even though I am new to it. I love that it is filled with vegans! I will be posting my journey here

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