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Hey guys!


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I recognize some names from the ppk so I only feel a little overwhelmed by joining a new forum.


My name is Katie, i've been vegan for over four years and a vegetarian since 1993. I've succeeded in losing weight before, but I did that almost solely through diet so I was never 'in shape'. In the last year i've started biking and hula hooping so i've become more active, but I have been stuck at 140 pounds forever. I can go back up, but I can't get under that number at all.


I can't afford to join a gym, but I do have a weight bench and adjustable hand weights at my disposal. I've been working on my arms for a few weeks and making some progress there, but i'd like to try and get into a full workout schedule.


My current motivation stems from a few things:


My 30th birthday is four weeks away, my friends are throwing me a party, and I want to be the hottest person there.

I think strength training will help with my hooping.

I have two different people in my life who constantly tell me I can't lift heavy things because i'm a girl. That makes me psychotically mad, and I find that wanting to prove someone wrong is an excellent motivator. Unfortunately, one of those people is my boss, so I can't pick him up or challenge him to an arm wrestling contest, but the satisfaction will be enough.


I don't have a weight goal or anything, for now i'm going to use my birthday as a focal point and set up a workout schedule and diet plan for the next month, and then figure out where i'll go from there.

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