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Quad Exercises


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So I likely have a meniscus tear and am working on strengthening the supporting muscles that help stabilize the patella. I currently can't do squats or anything that requires pivoting, but would love some more suggestions on exercises for my quads that doesn't put too much strain on the knee.

Extensions are out as well. I really need ideas where I control the muscle being used.

Currently I"ve been using the bike as my cardio warm up.


Thanks guys!

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Can you do static holds or isometrics? You could hold various positions of the squat - even with one leg at a time - with or without extra weight.


Or you could stand on one leg and swing the other one backwards and forwards quite vigorously and also in a semi-circle in front and then behind you. This exercises all the muscles of the legs and glutes in a stabilising method and can be quite tiring. You could hold on to something if you don't have the balance.


I have torn medial cartilages in both knees and I find that fast side leg raises can put them back into position. They rarely give me any trouble now. I haven't had my knees examined but torn cartilages are the only thing I can think of that fit the symptoms.

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