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Suggested Reading Material?


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I am looking for some body building books/articles to help me out with setting up a good routine (on a weekly basis and changing phases on a monthly bases). I have been reading up on "Serious Strength Training" by Tudor O Bompa and found it interesting and a bit upsetting (the high protein/high fat, low carb diet suggested).

Any opinions on this book?

Any suggestions on what i should buy/read?


I need help with the following:

1) what i should be eating and when (and the opposite: what i shouldnt be eating, and times of day i shouldnt be eating certain foods)

2) what muscles i should be working on in combination and how often

3) what phase of training i should be in (strength building/hypertrophy/anatomical adaptation/muscle definition/transition) and for how long


Any help would be appreciated.

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