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Walking Prevents Shrinkage

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Six miles a week isn't that much. I probably walk a mile a day just going to work and running errands. I think I've also read that exercising regularly can help lower the risk of alzheimers.


I actually did a lot of indepth research reguarding alzheimers and joint pain today.. both run in my family.

I can't even remember what exactly I learned or the scientific terms (I'm really stressed out today).. but in summary both trace back to high levels enzymatic activity.. which traces back to what a doctor would call "natural aging" or what is really cell mutation from "heavy metal intoxication" and the mutagens in meat.


So yes the two are definitely linked and exercise can help regulate enzymes in the body, but, if I'm right, it depends on what kind of exercise it is... I think maybe it has the potential to increase the risk of alzheimers just as well?

But I am researching information that is way out of my league.

Here are a few of the articles I read:








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