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Boston Veg Festival Accomodations - Help!

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I often stay with friends but I'm traveling with a co-worker and we just booked a hotel on Hotwire that was under $100 a night, which is good for that city.


Boston has great transportation using the T, public train system.


Sorry I'm just seeing this now.....


Did you decide to come out?


I fly out on Friday and will be there all weekend.


If you come out, be sure to visit me at the Vega booth.




Have fun!

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I went to Hotwire.com and typed in Boston and one came up for $94 a night. It doesn't reveal what it will be, but it turned out to be this place:




Even has a gym and pool.


Not sure how far it is....but I have a rental car so I'll be driving in....I'll have a car full of stuff one day, and have to arrive hours early before it's open to the public, or else I'd offer a ride....but I think the hotel or website will explain travel to and from the city via nearby transit.


That is what I found.


Many places in Boston are $200 a night, so I was happy with $94. It's a few min outside of the city, but I'm cool with that.


All the best!



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