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Muscles here I come! Lobsteriffic's Log

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Ack fell behind in my journal again.




Deadlift Day - Wave B










Was running way behind, had to hightail it back to work.


Then I missed a bunch of days due to life stuff.




Bench & Squat Day - Wave B (had to combine the two due to time constraints this week)










Front Squat:









1x1x95 (FAIL..was supposed to hit 3 reps)


Incline push-ups:

3 sets of 6


Assisted Chins (60 lbs assistance):







3x1 mile repeats, 5 min rest


#1 - 8:56

#2 - 8:42

#3 - 8:57


Not super impressed with those times. Oh well.

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Not super impressed with those times. Oh well.


I would think the impressive part is that they are so close together. You didn't lag off towards the end. If I did it, my 3rd time would have been a lot longer than the first. Yours were all very close to each other.

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That's a good point Rob! I'm probably never going to be a super quick runner, but I'm a heck of a lot faster than I used to be. I remember when 10 minute miles seemed really fast to me.





3x7 min, 3 min rest


#1 - 0.82 miles

#2 - 0.78 miles

#3 - 0.82 miles


Still not super speedy, but a better pace than yesterday.



OHP Day - Wave C







1x1x85 (PR!)


Was going to do some push presses after this, but that 1x85 totally killed my front delts and there was no way that was happening.


Assisted Pullups (70 lbs):





Farmer Walks:

2 sets with 50 lb db's

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38.5kg, that's a beast of an OHP for a girl!


Doing real squats yet?


Ha, glad I have at least one beastly lift!


My squats are just a teeny bit below parallel, which is better than I was a few months ago. I've been slacking off on stretching/foam rolling.


Speaking of slacking, I haven't updated this thing in forever. I'm going home to Canada for 2 weeks and I probably won't be around much. Bringing my running shoes with me so I can get in a few workouts.

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Sigh. Lobster hasn't been in this house for awhile!


So this summer was kind of crazy busy, didn't have much time to post on here, but I was running pretty regularly aiming for a half marathon Oct. 2nd.


Those that are my friends on Facebook know what happened. Long story short I cut my EHL tendon (the tendon that pulls your big toe up) and had to have it surgically repaired. I had surgery 3 weeks ago. I'm in a cast for 2 more weeks, on crutches and the whole bit. After I get the cast off and the pin in my toe removed I'll have about 4 weeks physical therapy. I was told that best case scenario I might be able to slowly incorporate running back into my life in November. We'll see.


Haven't worked out at all since the surgery. If I keep my foot elevated the pain is pretty minimal. When I start hobbling around on the crutches (gosh I despise those things) it starts to ache. I've been working at home this whole time and I don't leave the house much (we don't have a car, which normally I love, but it kind of sucks when you are on crutches), so I sit around and get depressed and probably have been eating more junk than I should.


Anyway, I have an order of fresh fruits and veggies arriving tomorrow. All stuff I can easily eat raw, as cooking is a giant PAIN right now. I never realized how difficult it is to cook when you can't carry anything! Our kitchen really isn't set up for it.


I don't mean to complain too much. A lot worse things can happen to a person. Trying to keep positive. If nothing else I've gotten good at standing on one leg and my good leg has definitely gotten stronger! Unfortunately my bad leg has atrophied a bit, but it will all come back eventually and this will just be a weird/funny(?) story to tell.

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You're over halfway to cast-off time! You're almost there. Your pt might be able to give you ideas about how to work around your recovering foot to train other stuff the way you want. One thing I did that I hated HATED was the arm bike. But it's a means to an end. omg that frickin' arm bike.


Hey, what if we got you one of those things that goes around your neck that the cocktail girls used to sell cigarettes from. You can fill it up with lettuce and kale and stuff and be like a hobbling cornucopia of vegan kitchen goodness.

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