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Hi from Australia


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I have just joined the forum and thought I should introduce myself properly. I'm 26 years old, mother of two and nursing student from a small town in Australia. I have been into bodybuilding as an on and off hobby for 5 years or so and as a result have a decent amount of muscle mass. I was incredibly suprised when I not only didnt lose this muscle when I went vegan, but I have actually increased some of my lifts since then. This is what brought me to this forum.


Right now my main goal is to cut down 10 kilos of bodyfat while maintaining as much muscle as possible. Training is a bit limited as I was hit by a car 8 weeks ago and (amongst other injuries) tore many of the tendons in my neck - but that isnt going to stop me!


I am looking in to high raw but after reading a few threads I see this is a topic of debate.


Anyway, thats it from me! Cheers!


EDIT: forgot to say, I've been vegan for just under a year now

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Hi I'm new to the forums but have been raw vegan now for two years and training on and off for a while.


When I first went RV I also went through major burnout period where I spent the majority of my time on my arse (was out the work at the time)reading and doing little else and so the combination of practically no training and decreased caloric intake saw me dropped around 20kg.


I'm now back up to around 80-85kg(havent weighed in a while) and squatting 125kg (or 275lbs) for 16 reps. There are genuine benifits in performance and recovery(as well as a great deal of other areas) from consuming a raw or high raw diet. I havent read any of the other posts on the site yet that are contary to my opinion as this is my first post, but from my expieriance it works for me.


If you have any questions I'd be happy to respond and help if I can.

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Thankyou for the welcomes!


Serious: thankyou for sharing your experience with RV. I am still sitting on the fence a bit with it, undecided if it is for me. Right now I have made the change to over 60% raw by calories so will see how I go from here!


Sosso: Good to see another nursing student? What year are you?

I study externally through Charles Darwin Uni even though I live in WA. I'm a second year

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Proper health and fitness is very essential for everyone and I think mostly for the students it plays a vital role. I will be soon going to Australia for my further studies as there is a good environment of study in Australian universities and skilled people get various opportunities. This is the main reason behind why I want to study in Australia. I have heard about vegan from one of my friend who has joined vegan few months back. I will also be a member after coming there as I am very conscious about my health and fitness.

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