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A Letter From Dr. Joel Furnham

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From Jack Norris' blog :


Dr. Furhman had the following to say:


“I have seen thousands of vegan patients, raw foodists, natural hygienists, McDougall and Ornish participants, as well as my own ‘nutritarian clients’ over the last 20 years. I test B12 on everyone, of course we are not talking about B12 [deficiency in regards to the patients with Parkinson's and tremors], these individuals were well-educated about B12. I have seen some paralysis and other major B12 problems in hygienists and vegan raw foodists. Some that even died from hyperhomocysteine resulting from severe B12 deficiency. I have also seen vegans with balance and ambulation issues with B12 deficiency, unable to walk. One raw foodist who came to see me with this problem, who could not walk, made almost a complete recovery after B12 supplements and then he announced on his radio show that he recovered from M.S. with a raw food diet. ”


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Yes, this is the danger of making diet a religion. I am a member on Dr. Fuhrman's site because in my studies, he is the smartest guy on nutrition that I've ever read.


I have been raw vegan, cooked vegan and cooked non-vegan, on and off for 20 years. I can say without question, in MY experience, that MIRRORS Dr. Fuhrman's experience, and have received direct counseling from him via his site regarding this, people absolutely have different nutrition needs and there is not a "one size fits all" program for anyone.


I met Doug Grahamin February 2010 (long time raw vegan athelete trainer, speaker) and I literally gasped when he first walked in the room. He did not look like the vital, youthful, healthy, vibrant promise that vegan raw foodism is supposed to deliver. In fact, he looked the exact opposite-drawn, wrinkled, balding, gaunt, and his attitude was judgmental, albeit, almost spiritually committed to his message.


I am not saying this to judge; not at all. I WANT a hero who demonstrates super human youthful vitality from an all raw, vegan diet. I DO because I want an answer thats simple and doable and "one size fits all" like everyone else does. But in my 20+ years with this grand nutrition experiment, I have to admit, there is none.


Honestly, and I'll stand and take your hits for this, I have found for myself, ESPECIALLY when I am working out consistently, I NEED 2-3 hard boiled eggs/week, plus a multivitamin, in addition to my 50% raw vegan diet to feel good, and to stay hormonally balanced, and to see continued muscle development from my workouts.


If I do not eat those eggs (free range, organic, OF COURSE-if I had my own chickens, I'd eat those and know for SURE they are humanely cared for), after about 4 weeks I start getting MADDENING cravings for sugar (which indicates insulin/hormone imbalance relative to protein deficiency) and my energy plummets and I can't workout.


Dr. Fuhrman explained to me this is why he advocates adding animal protein, <10% of diet, for people, if necessary. The eggs do it for me, and are the most humane that I can think of.


I WISH I did not need those eggs. And I can go for a few weeks without them also. I wish our vitality as a species had not been compromised through generations of processed foods and unhealthy lifestyles, but we have. To be in denial of this is irresponsible at best and zealotry at worst. I'm just saying, as a species, getting back into alignment with the rhythms of nature is the best thing we can do, and in the short term, address nutritional necessities without villifying them.


Thanks for listening...blessings! Theresa

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