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About time I actually post this.

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Week of 9/27/10


Date: 9/28

Dips 12/12/12

Db press 60x12/70x12/80x12 (weight up next time)

Incline smith press 65x12/75x10/85x4(to fail)/85x2(to fail)

Cable curls 60x12/70x10/80x10

Overhead db press 40x12/50x8

Cable crossover 50x12/60x10/70x8


Date: 9/30

Dips 12/12/10

Lying ext 40x12/50x10/60x10

Overhead ext 30x12/35x10/40x12

Rope pulldown 30x12/35x12/40x11


Date: 10/1

Pullups 10/8/7

Lat pulldown 60x12/70x10/80x10

Db shrugs 70x12/80x12

Low row 60x12/70x10/80x10


Date: 10/2

Hyperextensions 10

Deadlift 85x12/105x10/125x9

Standing calf press 135x12/145x10/155x9

Leg lifts 12/12/12

Calf press 140x15/180x15

legs up, moving 4lb medicine ball back and forth 12/12/12


Notes: If anyone can give me a name for that last exercise, it'd be greatly appreciated. I don't know anything more than that I've seen people do it and decided to give it a spin. Also it was my first time doing a deadlift. Way sore after doing it, figuring once my muscles start adjusting I can make some good gains. No leg day because I've been doing a lot of biking but starting it again next week regardless.

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Date: 10/04/10

Dips 12/12/12

Bench press 105x9/95x8/95x6

Incline press 45x12/55x10/65x9

Bicep curl 35x12/45x10/55x8

Cable crossover 40x12/50x10/60x6

Db curl 25x10(each)/25x12(each)/25x8(each)


Date: 10/05/10

Squats 85x12/105x10/125x8/125x3(no fail)

Leg curl 85x12/90x10/95x10

Lunges+50lb 10


Date: 10/07/10

Dips elbows in 12/12/12

Lying db extensions 40x12/50x12/60x9

Overhead ext 35x12/40x12/45x10

Rope pulldowns 40x12/45x10/50x9


Date: 10/08/10

Pullups 10/8/7

Lat pulldown 60x12/70x12/80x12(weight up)

Db shrugs 70x12/80x12

Low row 70x12/80x10/90x8

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Date: 10/11/10

Bench press 80x5/90x5/100x15 (obviously miscounted)

Incline bench 55x12/75x10/95x8

Dips 10/10/6

Bicep curl 35x12/45x10/55x9

Cable crossover 40x12/50x10/60x8 (cut this out, injury risk, replace with decline or db front raise)

Db curl 25x12(each)/25x10(each)


Date: 10/12/10

Squat 100x5/115x5/130x6

Leg curl 85x12/90x10/95x8

Lunge +50x10(each)


Date: 10/14/10

Standing military press 55x5/60x5/65x15

Dips 10/10/10

Lying db extension 40x12/50x10/60x8

Overhead ext 35x12/40x12/45x9

Rope pulldown 40x12/45x10/50x6


Date: 10/15/10

Deadlift 95x5/110x5/125x12

Pullups 10/8/3 (whoops)

Lat pulldown 60x12/70x12/80x12

Low row 70x12/80x10/90x8

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Date: 10/18/10

Bench 85x3/95x3/105x16(still obviously off, but I'm finishing this month)

Incline bench 55x12/75x10/95x9

Dips 10/10/10

Bicep curl 35x12/45x10/55x8

Front db raise 25x12(each)/25x10(each)

Db curl 25x12(each)/25x12(each)/25x12(each)


Date: 10/19/10

Squat 105x3/120x3/135x5

Leg curl 85x12/90x10/95x8

Lunges +25x10(each)/+25x10(each)


Date: 10/21/10

Standing military 60x3/65x3/70x10

Dips 10/10/10

Lying db extension 40x12/50x10/60x8

Overhead 35x12/40x10/45x8

Rope pulldowns 40x12/45x8/50x5



Deadlift 105x3/120x3/135x10

Pullups 10/7/4

Dual Lat pulldown 60x10/65x8/70x5 (this one felt way heavier than regular lat pulldown, not sure if the style of machine is different)

Low row 70x12/80x12/110x9

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Date 10/25/10

Bench 95x8/105x8/125x10/125x8

Incline bench 45x12/65x10/75x8

Dips 8 (decided against doing more)

Bicep curl 35x12/45x10/55x8

Front db raise 25x10(each)/25x10(each)


Date 10/26/10

Squat 115x5/130x3/145x5

Leg curl 85x12/90x10/95x8

Lunges +50x10(each)/+50x10(each)


Date 10/28/10

Standing military 60x5/70x3/80x5

Dips 10/10/10

Lying db ext 40x12/50x10/60x8

Rope pulldowns 40x12/45x10/50x8


Date 10/30/10

5 minute warm up bike

Hyperextensions 25

Deadlift 115x5/130x3/145x2

Pullups 9/6/1 (yikes, back pain)

Dual Pulldowns 50x12/60x9

Low row 70x12/80x10/90x10

Ab crunch (some sets, need more I think to even deadlift)

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Date: 11/01/10

6 min warmup run

Db bench 60x5/70x5/80x5

Incline smith 45x10/55x10/65x10/75x10/85x10

Pullups narrow 10/6

Assisted pullups narrow (-40) 10/9/6

Rope pulldown 30x10/35x10/40x10/45x10/50x5

Date: 11/02/10

5 min warmup bike

Squat (35x10)/110x5/125x5/140x5

Hyperextensions 12/12/12/12/12

Leg raises 10/10/10/10/10

Lunges +30x10(each)/+30x10(each)/+30x10(each)/+30x10(each)/+30x10(each)


Date: 11/04/10

5 min warmup bike

Standing military (30x20)/65x5/75x5/85x5

Dips 10/10/10/8/6

Lying db extension 60x10/50x10/50x10/40x10/40x10

Db row 40x12(each)/35x10(each)/35x12(each)/30x12(each)/30x12(each)


Date: 11/06/10

Hyperextensions+25 12/12/12

Leg press 360x10/320x10/270x10/230x10/180x10

Leg curls 90x10/80x10/80x10/70x10/70x10

Crunch bench +30x12/+30x12/+30x12/+30x12/+30x12

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Date: 11/08/10

Bench (35x15)/110x5/125x5/140x5

Pullups narrow 9/6

Pullups narrow assist -40x10/-40x7/-40x6

Incline bench 85x12/85x11/75x10/65x10/65x10

Rope pulldowns 50x10/45x10/40x10/35x10/30x10



Squats (35x10)/115x3/130x3/145x5

Hyperextensions 12/12/15/15/20

Leg lifts 10/10/10/10/10

Lunges +30x10(each)/+30x10(each)/+30x10(each)/+30x10(each)/+30x12(each)


Date: 11/11/10

5 min warmup bike

Military (35x5)/70x3/90x3/90x3(miscounted second set weights, oh well)

Dips 10/10/10/10/6

Lying db extensions 60x11/50x12/50x10

Db row 40x12(each)/40x10(each)


Date: 11/13/10

Deadlift (85x12)/110x5/125x5/140x8/175x2(smashed finger re-racking weights and left without finishing workout, black finger nail ahahahaha)

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