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Hi everyone, my names mike, Im 22 and live in a town called Luton in England. I have been vegetarian for 12 years and recently cut out all dairy products and eggs. I enjoy going to the gym but now want to take it more seriously.


I used to be an electrician now im doing an apprenticeship as a gas engineer.

My downfalls are the fact I like to drink on the weekends and unfortunatly seem unable to kick the habbit of smoking so any advice from ex-smokers on how they quit would be greatly appreciated!


I dident chose a vegetarian diet for health reasons to be honest, I just find eating animals to be cruel and unnecesssary. This has led me to stop eating dairy and eggs as if I am honest till recently i was naieve to the reality of buying these products.


Sorry for the occasional spelling mistake!


Anyway thats me, nice to meet you all!


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I quit smoking a couple of years ago. Honestly, it was probably one of the most difficult things I have ever done. I would quit, start up again, quit again, start again, etc. Do you have friends that smoke? That makes it very difficult. I ended up moving to a different city where I didn't know many smokers, so that made it easier as I wasn't constantly being tempted.


I myself found it best to go through cold turkey withdrawal. My Mom just quit smoking and she was on some sort of medication and that really seemed to help her. I know some other people who have used the patch...I think everyone needs to find what works for them.


Also helpful to know - the actual physical addiction is over in 4-5 days, after that it's all a mental game. I liked to know that, so when it felt unbearable I could just recognize it as my brain asking for a cigarette, not my body. Made it easier to ignore. Don't know if that will help you or not.


I do have the occasional slip now and then, usually brought on by drinking. I don't get drunk very often anymore, but when I do I always seem to want a cigarette. Then I finally bum one from someone and realize how gross it actually tastes!

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