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anyone done the Mike Mentzer workout??

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I just recently started it just to try something different. And it makes sense in some ways. But I am still curious to see if it really works for most people.


For those that dont know its only working out twice a week and only doing compound excersizes like deadlifts, squats and bench. with a couple others.


But the main thing is you only do one set of reps until failure. So you have to have one really intense set no warming up.


anyone try it?

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Been lots of debate about Mentzer's Heavy Duty program over the years. Biggest clue-in to the lack of effectiveness is that it was widely reported that Mentzer never actually built his physique training that way, but declared it "best" once he decided he needed a marketing gimmick.


The emphasis on compound lifts for the most "bang for your buck" is a move in the right direction, but the lack of overall volume has had little positive feedback from anyone I ever know who has tried it.

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So 3 weeks into the workout and I am making gains every week. So far so good. And I am noticing it in my body as far as look and feel. I am pretty stoked.


You just go until failure or one set. You do the highest possible weight you can do 6-10 reps of. Part of the system is based on getting maximum tear(which is why you dont stretch) and maximum rest(only lift twice a week).


I will give another update when I get 2 months in.

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It is interesting to note that Mike himself didn't use this program "back in the day" when he was a competitive bodybuilder. At least that is what I recall reading years ago, I believe it was in Muscle Media mag, back when it was a "good" mag.


It is an interesting concept; I've never done the program, but have read up on it & pondered it a few times in the past. The "maximum tear" thing is one thing I had thought about.


If you are developing all that scar tissue, will you not be limiting your range of motion, especially without incorporating stretching?


That is one thing that held me back from it...


You mentioned that you are making gains every week, noticing changes in your body; I contend that this would occur with any type of "heavy volume" training, especially one where you are going to failure, especially given adequate rest between workouts (& refueling)


Good luck with the workout & may you have continued success with it! If it is working for you, who am I to argue?

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I have used mentzer routines before and had my best results from his consolidation routine

squats pulldown bench press 1 set only

rest a week, then do

deadlift front press barbell curl.again 1 set only


My training partner who is a classic tall skinny bloke and has had NO RESULTS at all from any other programme he has tried through the years, is now geting stronger, AND adding bodyweight doing mikes ideal routine



looking at this workout and the amount of time between working each bodypart its hard to believe that it works, but it has, and does work for countless people


heres a forum you may find helpfull


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Just an update of my friend-training partner here

After getting no results size wise in any other routine or training style he has tried through the years, I measured him today before heading to the gym and he has added 2 and a half inches around his chest without adding anything to his waist measurement .

He still has a long way to go before he looks like he trains with weights but his 37 and a half inch chest is now 40 inches.

His arms have stayed the same size, but look more hard and shapely.

Maybe when I measure him in another months time they will have grown as well

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