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Whatcha doing for Thanksgiving?

Cellar Yeti

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This Thanksgiving I am thankful for being sentient and giving back by not murdering things, my very first Vegan Thanksgiving. I was wondering what you guys are making?


I was going to do lentil shepherds pie but my mom said that was boring since I always eat lentils. I guess she was right so I went with this:



Torfurkey Gravy

Home Made Mashed Potatoes


Cranberry Sauce

Whole Wheat Rolls

Pumpkin Pie

Soymilk Eggnog


I wanted to do more but this is only for me as I am the only Veg in the house so I didn't want to go overboard. Whatcha eatin'?

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I'm going to my girlfriend's house for a huge meal with like ten people. Even though only three of us there are vegan the meal is all vegan!



Chinese Candied Walnuts

Brazil nut herb crusted cheezeball + dehydrated flax seed crackers


Main meal:

Thanksgiving cutlets (mix of tofu and gluten)

Candied yams

Roasted brussels sprouts

Red cabbage


Crockpot mashed potatoes

Mushroom gravy

Cranberry sauce

Apple sage rice



Pumpkin Crumb Cake

Coconut Bliss vanilla ice cream

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It's just me and my husband and we don't even really feel like it's Thanksgiving, since we just moved from Canada and up there we celebrate it in October. So we're keeping it pretty simple, some sort of cutlet/seitan thing, gravy, mashed potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts, and I have a bunch of frozen pears so I am going to do something with that for dessert.

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Wasn't going to but had a hankering, so I went by Whole Foods this evening, and got a Tofurky and gravy. I'm in on another 45 man hour project, possibly the last, so will work while watching some football and such (no Christmas movie, it's too early). Have a bunch of other food stuff from wifey and daughter, might see her boyfriend for dinner but that about it. Telephone calls to family and friends.

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I know its over but this is what I devoured, I mean ate!

Field Roast- 1st time having it and I liked it better than Tofurkey

mashed potatoes- that my brothers girlfriend made from scratch

cranberry sauce

vegan gravy bought from Whole foods

rolls w/ vegan butter

vegan stuffing also bought from Whole Foods

mixed veggies

gherkins, and black olives which my nieces held hostage

cranberry juice cocktail drinks

vegan apple pie w/ rice whip ( supposed to have pumpkin but our pie was stolen from Whole Foods before we could buy it. It was set aside with our order, and when we called to ask about picking it up the person lied several times over the phone that everything was all together and ready to be picked up. Long story short we got 2 free apple pies, but I was deprived of having pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving!)

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I made chickpea quinoa pilaf, roasted root veggies, and apple cinnamon scones. My mom made everything vegan except the poor chickens, which was pretty nice of her. So I also had some cold wild rice salad, garlicy cauliflower, and roasted red potatoes.

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