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New to being Vegan, please rate my diet


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Hi Everyone,


I'm new to the whole vegan bodybuilding scene after years of forcing down pounds of meat and dairy in the name of muscles. I recently went to a Tony Robbins seminar and he completely changed my way of thinking about food, in particular eating meat and other acidic foods. So anyway, i've been doing non-stop research on the subject ever since and here is what i've come up with for my new diet:


Meal 1:

2 slices - Ezekiel sprouted bread

2 tbps - Organic peanut butter

1/2 cup - Amaranth Grain

1/2 cup - Blueberries

1 whole - Orange


Meal 2 (Post-Workout):

1 scoop - NitroFusion protein powder

1 medium - Banana


Meal 3:

1 cup - Quinoa

1/2 cup - Organic Black Beans

1/2 cup - Yellow Corn


Meal 4:

1 scoop - NitroFusion protein powder

1 oz - Almonds


Meal 5:

2 cups - Romaine lettuce

1 whole - Tomato

1/4 cup - Red onion

1 whole - Carrot

1/2 whole - Avocado

1/2 cup - Lentils


Meal 6:

2 cups - Romaine lettuce

1 whole - Carrot

1 cup - Broccoli

2 tbps - Hemp Seeds



2 tbps - Udo's 3*6*9 Oil

1 Serv - Now's Adam Multi-vitamin


Thinking about possibly adding in wheatgrass and/or spirulina.

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