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Midnight Meat Train

Im Your Man

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This surprising horror movie based on Clive Barker's Slaughter Train depicts what happens to cows (and other animals) when they are slaughtered, through scenes of brutal slaughtering to humans, said as "meat" ...

The end was very surprising. watch out: SPOILERS. Don't read if you wanna find out by yourself.

We learn that every night the passengers in the late train are murdered to feed another specie, some carnivorous alien-monsters. Just like humans do with cows, pigs, and this movie shows how much horrible it is! At least that's how I interpreted it.

And apparently this is based on a true story (not the alien part of course), but a subway serial killer working also as a butcherer.

Anyone have seen this movie or have read the book from Clive Barker? The main character in the movie is a vegetarian photographer but the more he gets involved in the meat industry by witnessing the subway murders and enters the place where they cut the meat he begins to eat meat and finally becomes a serial killer. Normally maybe it would be the opposite, he would become even more disgusted by meat that he would remain vegetarian, but then he finds himself attracted and aspirated in this mealstrom of violence, blood, flesh and slaughter.


This scene shows how we slaughter humans just like we slaughter cows !


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