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Question for Robert Cheeke


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I can't speak for Robert either, but I believe he's heading back down to Orlando soon from his holiday visit with family in Oregon (if he's not already on his way back there), and might not be coming back out west until March when we'll both be at the Natural Products Expo. I have the feeling he's going to be enjoying some serious sun in FLA for a bit before he moves around too much, but then again, it's Robert, and you never know how long you can keep him pinned down in one place!

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Hey! Thanks for the question and thanks for the replies guys. I'm on the road so much these days, it's tough even for me to know where I am. Today I'm in Oregon. Tomorrow in Canada.


Busy travel life these days.


Orlando, FL is where I am still calling "home" but won't be back for a while. I may even call Texas home for a bit before I get back to FL. As far as San Fran or Bay Area.....probably not for a while.


I'm going to LA in January but may not be to the Bay Area until Summer or fall of 2011.


But like Ryan suggested....I really never know where I'll be

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