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time to mix it up again (back routines)

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When I get home from my holiday, I'm probably going to do more of a bodybuilding style routine, but with all compound lifts. It will be split like this - Legs & shoulders, chest & upper back, lower back & arms / fun stuff.


For upper back I'll do barbell rows and pull-ups, maybe dumbbell rows, then lower back just deadlifts. Probably 3 x 6-8 reps for each. Also on the legs/shoulder day I'll be doing clean and jerks, which will hit the back too.

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Rows, rows, and more rows! Barbell, dumbbell, a stack of 45 lb. plates, whatever you can get your hands on!


If you've been doing more vertical pulling for a bit (pull-ups, chins, pulldowns, etc.) then try changing to rows for a bit, or vice-versa. It's always good to change things up like that from time to time.


Oh yeah I forgot my rows! I am a big fan of seated rows, but I hear great things about bent-over rows as well.

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