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Raw vegan journey

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Thank you! While I was in Florida I was actually closer to 90/5/5 and I loved the way I felt. Best runs of my life. I've stopped all oils. Still do some hemp seeds and a brazil nut a couple times a week. I've bumped up my calories to 4000+ on workout days. Lots of bananas and citrus. I'm torn, I really like running with my current physique, but i'm also curious about how much I can bulk up. We'll see what happens!

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Here is a snapshot of what i'll be eating today. I highly recommend cron-o-meter, it's free.


I don't understand this. How come I eat 408 g of carbs today, and it is already 314 %, and you eat 982 g of carbs and it is only 144 % ?

And how come you have 100 % vitamins? Shouldn't you be missing B12?

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Wow you look so good! Most people wouldn't believe you could get this big without animal products and just eating raw foods. I have been dabbling in raw foods and would like to go 80/10/10. I have quite a lot of weight to lose though ):

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Thanks everyone! I haven't been on here in a while. To update, I was focusing on distance running from spring until November. I've taken December off. Going to start bulking back up and re-comitting to 100% raw ( I've been about 90% the past few months) I'm going to experiment with bringing my % of fat calories up to 20% on certain days. I really thrived doing 80/10/10 for a year, and now I'm going to try very small tweaks and log the results.

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