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not feeling too satisfied with quinoa


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i love eating quinoa, being a complete protein and all, but i'm having a hard time getting full from it. i just ate about 2 cups of the stuff, with some tofurkey sausage and brussels sprouts, and i still went for a fruit/nut bar afterwards haha what the hell, i figured i'd be stuffed by now.


i'm guesstimating i ate around 600 calories just now, 30g protein, 50g carbs. and that's before the food bar.


basically i'm posting for two reasons:

1. what are some of your favorite filling quinoa recipes?

2. is there some reason i can't get a full feeling after eating quinoa?


when i eat pasta or pizza, i'm pretty satisfied, i'm wondering why i don't get that eating more basic foods. sorry my post is so sporadic, i kinda wrote it on the fly

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I look at quinoa kind of like rice, as in a side dish. When ever I make Indian, Chinese or Mexican I use quinoa instead of rice since I can't handle rice too well (digestion problem). I hardly ever just eat quinoa as a meal. One of my favorites is using it in a burrito as a filler or with stir fry, that will fill you up. The one meal I will eat where quinoa as a the "headliner" is:

.5 cup dry quinoa

1 cup vegetable broth

.5 cup of canned beans (usually black)

.5 cup chunky salsa (make sure there is not too much liquid)

Soak the quinoa as usual, drain and rinse.

Cook the quinoa in the broth for about 10 mins, then add the beans and salsa and cook for about 5 more mins. Sometime I'll add more beans if there is too much liquid. Sometimes I'll use tortilla chips and eat it more like a dip.

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