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We're back to work on this!


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Hey everyone,


A year after filming, we're back to work on this project!


I moved to LA, made a bunch of connections and now we're assembling a team to carry this through, perhaps even completing it before the end of 2011.


If you're looking for ways to get involved, or support the documentary we're still looking for music and we're still fundraising.


When you order products at www.veganproteins.com a portion of proceeds go directly to the documentary.


When you order my book directly from me, funds go toward the documentary too.


We should be enhancing the website soon too with places to buy products, donate, submit music, etc.







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Thanks everyone,


Still fundraising....but I'm moving back to LA in a few days and have some good connections and some people lined up to work on it...just trying to sell enough books and Vega to afford to produce it.


We're getting there.......but it's a major task too.



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