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Ectomorph gaining weight and strength here. Currently eating more and supplementing with multivitamins and protein weight gainer. I'm on 5x5. Right now I weigh 60kg, 171cm in height.


My question is- will creatine help me get bigger/stronger or is it just hype? I've heard you have to cycle it. Does it really work? Experiences?



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I believe some people respond to it better than others. I'd wait a few months till you've found your technique, stalled at one or 2 exercises, and been consistent with food (assuming you're a beginner here) then try taking it see if it makes a difference when everything else is sorted out.

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NO tablets of the lemonades with creatine mixed in and glutamine and protein shake for me always was a great combo. I went from doing 80lb dead lefts and 90lb leg press to triple that for both in no time. In fact, I have sciatica and squats always exacerbate it but with that combo (and dynamic stretching) I managed to do 135lb squats, which was previously 60lbs max.


2 hours after the gym I always made sure I had a good meal with some ginger and black tea to reduce inflammation and before bed more glutamine mixed in with casein which will be tofu and glutamine now. Granted it's only been less than a week but I feel MORE energy and lighter!!

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