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ARG!!! Toyota = hypocrites or not!?


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Damn! As some of you may know, Toyota Prius was (albeit quetly) advertised as an animal-friendly car. Toyota previously refused to offer leather in their Prius model. This was explained in an interview by one of their managers, who said that Toyota saw vegans as the eye of the storm of the eco-friendly movement so if they won the vegans, they'd win everyone else. So far so good, some of us vegans were HAPPY and we began guerilla advertising the Prius. ONLY BECAUSE THE THING WAS NOT OFFERED WITH LEATHER! I myself have done a lot of positive imaging for the Prius and for Toyota in general ONLY for this reason, especially after the bad image campaign against Toyota with the withdrawal of cars from the US market. Yes, I'm a fan of the Japanese culture and most Japanese things (cars included), I train Japanese martial arts, I like Japan! Apart from that, I don't like underpowered cars, I don't care about fuel consumption (because some ugly rich fat guy somewhere defines the gas prices on a whim, so we use alternative fuels in Europe) and I don't like automatic transmissions. Yes, the Prius looks cute but that's about it.


And all of a sudden....


If you click on Prius V, you get a leather option.


Did Toyota quietly abandon their promise of an animal-friendly car??? Or is this artificial leather? I could not find information about this and I'm greatly disturbed.

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