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20 year old vegan bodybuilder from Denmark :)


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Hi everybody!!

My name is Benjamin, and I've just turned vegan 3 weeks ago, after being a vegetarian all my life

I've been working out for 8 months now, and has become really fascinated by bodybuilding, so im just bulking up right now, and will probably be starting cutting in april or something...

Looking forward to use this fantastic website and meet some nice vegans out there



Benjamin Bendtsen


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O F yeah! Welcome to the board, I've talked with one Danish guy and he might start up a vegan protein & food store in Denmark soon so it might get a lot easier for you to get vegan protein in your home country.


Looking great! Bulk up! Cutting is for bb competitors, just eat all you can and get huge!

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Looking solid.


There are supplement shops in Europe that sell vegan products, in fact I know of one in the UK and one in Finland for sure, possibly others.


I'm sure other stores that aren't specifically vegan still sell vegan products too.


You can also check with my buddy Lean and Green at www.veganproteins.com too. It's in the US but he tries to give the best deal he can, especially to forum members. www.veganessentials.com is another place. Of course tuc who just posted above runs a shop too.


Tons of options for you!


All the BEST!



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