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Post your 2011 "Before" photos here

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Happy New Year!


Alright folks......


It's a New year and many people like to begin a body transformation during this time.


To hold each other accountable, let's post our current physique pics here and post updates every 3-6 months, and see where we're at a year from now.


Lean and Green and I took some "before" pics today.


We took some completely relaxed and some flexed, but not pumped. (not during or after a workout, but simply flexed after posting the relaxed photos). We wore shorts to show off as much of our physique as possible without putting on posing trunks since most of us don't have those at home.


I personally will take a few more photos in various lighting and some that are during workout or post workout to see what my physique looks like "pumped."


Feel free to take whatever style photos you want, but just make sure to take the same type of photos for the progress pics months down the road and a year from now. Getting a variety will be most helpful for your own assessment.


Feel free to share your goals and visions for the new year too.....lose weight, gain weight, add muscle, tone up, complete in some sport, etc.


All the best to everyone!


Here are my photos from January 1st. Please respect my hair. I was up til 3AM on New Year's Eve, came back to Lean and Green's on New Year's Day without fixing my hair after sleeping in and said, "Let's go out in the VeganProteins.com warehouse and take these pics!"


I took relaxed and flexed photos. I'll get some "pumped" during-workout photos soon.


Here we go:


January 1, 2011 - 181 pounds naked













FLEXED but not pumped






















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We took our weight too....I forgot to mention that. Good to get as many details as possible.....weight, measurements if you want, etc.


Lean and Green is up on me by about 12 pounds.


I gotta keep eating!!!!!


Looking forward to seeing pics. We'll upload ours soon. Just got back from gym late at night, eating and working and now sleep time. Peace.



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No "before" pics taken, just imagine my last pic posted with about 2-3 lbs. more fat, 2-3 lbs. more muscle and a few lbs. of water in there for good measure


I will get new ones done this spring or summer, I just finally got back to cleaning up my diet, we'll see where this goes over the next few months!

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I got my photos off thendanisays' camera and they are posted.


Lean and Green will likely get his off the camera and uploaded soon too.


I'm going to get some "pumped" during workout photos next week hanging out with Mikkei.


Looking forward to taking photos in 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and a year from now.


All the best everyone!



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So, you're going to hold me accountable. Ok, I'm in. Here's where I start 2011:

5' 11", 157 lbs.

The goal, like everyone else, is to gain lean muscle mass.



1 January 2011 - In The Beginning...There was much room for improvement.



Not quite Popeye but I can shovel snow faster than the City of New York can plow it.



Just to make it official

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Icandothis, Looking forward to keeping each other accountable Good frame to build on.


OK R.C., finally have the time, coming in with some pictures. Here goes..


Pictures taken in 2011 about 4 days ago

(5 weeks of progress after 1.5 yrs off from training, etc)

It's going to be a process but with muscle memory, a strong will and most importantly the support of VBBF.. I'll do it! I'll be posting the next 3 months of progress at the end of March. Let's do this!!!


Relaxed (5 weeks of progress after 1.5 yrs off from training, etc)






Flexed but not pumped




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Pictures taken in 2011 about 4 days ago

(5 weeks of progress after 1.5 yrs off from training, etc)

It's going to be a process but with muscle memory, a strong will and most importantly the support of VBBF.. I'll do it! I'll be posting the next 3 months of progress at the end of March. Let's do this!!!

Why did you make the break in exercising? Nevertheless, I'm with you, start exercising again!

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*Deep breath*

Ok, I finally got pictures, and I must be feeling brave tonight because I'm actually going to post them!

I always get bummed out when I take progress pictures because I hate that I'm not changing as fast as I'd like. BUT a quick look at pictures from a year ago cures those thoughts!



If you spin around 3 times and squint your eyes real hard, you can almost see arm definition!








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I don,t really know what's with my camera but it keeps taking weird overexposed pics with horizontal lines. Wasn,t doing this before. Anyway here are my Before pics...

Pics from today. I just started to go to the gym again and I go only twice per week. One day for upper body and one day for lower body but I like it! This way I have enough time left for yoga, meditation, reading and all the other things in my life.



http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh240/organicspiral/muscles/DSC04740copy.jpg http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh240/organicspiral/muscles/DSC04747copy.jpg

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