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January 15, 2011


Today we had a really nice forum gathering in Portland, OR. I saw some people I hadn't seen in a long time. Off the top of my head we had Aaron, bvp663, Lean and Green, thendanisays, Tanya, JasonM, and me, as well as a handful of non-forum members who joined us for veggie sushi I think I have Jason's screen name posted incorrectly but as usual, it's late at night so I won't look it up at this time.


Brian and I trained arms and abs today. It was about an hour and 5 or an hour and 10 minutes long with little to no breaks. After each set of arms we'd do an ab exercise, then back to arms, back to abs, etc. for the full hour+.


We started with bunch of warm-up push-ups, hanging leg raises and reverse grip pull-ups.


Then we moved to EZ curl bicep curls followed by hanging leg raises. We did 4 sets of each.


Then we did alternating dumbbell bicep curls for 3 sets with hanging leg raises after each set. After that we did 3 sets of alternating dumbbell hammer curls, again followed by 3 sets of leg raises or bridge static holds for abs.


We moved on to triceps and did dumbbell triceps kickbacks followed by decline sit-ups or bridge static holds. We did 3 sets and then moved on to dumbbell two-hand overhead triceps extensions, again super setting with ab exercises. After that we did 3 sets of dips, also super-setting with decline sit-ups or bridge static holds.


We finished with more push-ups.


No basketball today because the gym closed early so I think we're meeting in the morning for an hour of hoops before watching the Jets game.


After that we watched Forks Over Knives with a forum group, then went out to dinner and ate as much sushi as we could handle Yeah Buddy!


I also did some writing today, finished a foreword for someone else' book yesterday and have a couple of magazine interviews to finish asap.


I'll work on adding photos to my journal. I know that will make it more exciting. It has just been a busy week, lots of movie promoting, etc.


Have a great weekend everyone!



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January 16, 2011


I was up late last night (again...I know we're seeing a theme here) and for some reason couldn't sleep well. There was immense rainfall and it was quite loud so I guess that was part of it, but anyway, didn't sleep well. I finally got up around 11AM to a text message from Brian asking to meet him at noon for basketball. I brushed my teeth, got dressed, ate some fruit, made an energy drink and headed out the door.


We played 4 games of basketball and it was awesome! I wanted to make sure he won since it was his last day but I still managed to win the first two games, not even really on purpose and in the 3rd game I had a lead at game point and let him back into it to force overtime and he won and was so excited. Then we played a 4th and decisive game per his request saying that this 4th game is for all the marbles for the whole championship of the entire week of playing. Even though I had won perhaps 10 of 12 or 12 of 14 or something like that, we put it all on the line. He was fired up and in our quick game to 5 (by 1's, usually we play to 11) he won even with a solid effort on my part. He was super happy! And I was happy. I won 11-9, 11-9, lost 12-10 and in the final game he got me 5-2. Much better than the 7-1 and 11-1 and 11-4 type wins I had all week


After that we ate a ton of fruit, like pounds of it. Then watched the JETS game and after every score we did 25 push-ups and decided to go for another workout. We trained back and shoulders, all free weights for about an hour. I got pretty pumped and even took a few pics for fun.


After that I showered a 2nd time and then went out on a date. Went to Vita Cafe in Portland and then rented Hitch and watched it on the couch with my friend.


Then came home and Giacomo (Lean and Green) made late dinner and I'm up working away around midnight finishing dinner and writing emails and listening to rap music.


Tomorrow I'm driving to Corvallis to see my book on the shelves at Borders. I heard it's there and I'm PUMPED! I've never seen it on shelves in big bookstore before!


Have a great week everyone!

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January 17, 2011


21 workouts in 21 days. Today I took a planned rest day. During those 21 days I did take 2 days off, and just got multiple workouts in a couple of times making it 21 in 21.


I would have rather have done more "resting" on my rest day but I only slept a few hours and spent more time in my car than my bed. Traveling today. Took Brian to the airport, drove to Corvallis, drove back to Portland, met with another Brian for a few hours reviewing some footage from Vegan Brothers in Iron and then back to Lean and Green's.


Just spent the past hour helping Lean and Green cleaning the house, now it's after midnight and time for a late dinner.


I'm soooooo tired! Lack of sleep gets to me, but also driving so many hours takes a lot out of me.


Time for calories. I wanted to sleep in, but have to be up early tomorrow too. Lots of work to do, then off to Canada in 2 days. Then LA after that.


Good times.



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January 18, 2011


Thanks. Plan to add pics soon, just ran into another busy streak....it has lasted bout 6 years now


Today I trained in Mikkei's garage and it was awesome! All barbells all night! We warmed up with a variety of push-ups, bodyweight squats and dumbbell raises and barbell presses, and then it was legs the rest of the night.


We probably did about 8 sets of barbell squats and got some great pics, very helpful for me as well since I haven't done squats much in the past 7 years. Then we did about 4 sets of barbell lunges. That was it and we were at it for over an hour. We lifted with a lot of effort. I managed to squat 205 pounds for the first time in about 7 years, since I haven't been doing squats at all for that length of time and with my recent return to the exercise 195 was my latest max.


With barbell lunges I used 195 pounds as my max and still got a lot of reps out of it.


I should head to bed now. I haven't been getting enough sleep and have had a few things stressing me out lately, just little, irritating things but I'll overcome it.


Gotta eat a bit more and then get some sleep.


Night Night!

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Thanks all.


Been a bit stressful the past couple of weeks but so much fun!


I miss my basketball playing buddy already, now that he's back in LA and I am starting to miss my roommate buddy Lean and Green knowing that I leave in about a week to another unknown destination....heading out again. Actually, the month of Feb is filled with known destinations, but come March I'm that nomadic free spirit again having a feeling I'll spend spring in Texas or Florida and then once I get my first book royalty check, I'll move back to LA and live by the beach, workout all day long playing in the sand and playing basketball, and of course lifting weights.


Check out this funny pic from last night. I'm slow at uploading pics because I have a lot going on, but since this one is on FB it's easy to snag and place here.


I got up to 205 on squats yesterday and it felt pretty easy. Nice deep reps and it felt good. Still injury-free for the longest time in the past 10 years. Loving it!


Jeans are cool to squat in, right?





This was only 155 pounds but there are other pics of wearing shorts and doing heavier squats that will surface when Mikkei gets them posted


Also for fun............these were my legs in November, before a single set of squats and 7 years away from squats.


Will be interesting to see what doing squats every week for a year or two will do for my legs.



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I kept saying that to Mikkei that I hoped I didn't split my pants because I only have 2 pairs of jeans that were given to me by my brother. I haven't owned jeans in years but now I wear them every single day


I switched to shorts as I got up to 185 and 205. I'll see how fast I keep progressing and we'll see about a leg day in Anaheim.


On a funny note....I didn't sleep much for two days leading up to the leg day and went to bed earlier than usual after leg day and was in bed for 12.5 hours! I had to catch up on lost sleep days earlier and I was impressed with my ability to be in bed for just about 13 hours in a row, over half of an entire day! And I'm not even sick with a cold or anything. Just wanted rest to recover

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January 19, 2011


Today I slept in big time! Like really big time! 12.5 hours in bed....buddy! I had a couple of nights of short sleep, like only 3 hours or so one night for example. So after my big leg day, I was determined to catch up on sleep...so I did.


Then I worked all day with Vega and Forks Over Knives, the two main things I have going right now...aside from my book of course and upcoming tour.


I'm still thinking about what to do this year. I used to work 12-18 hours a day and carried on doing so for about the past 2 years. Now bodybuilding is a prime focus and I spend hours at the gym training/stretching and a couple more hours on food prep, eating, supplementing, commuting for training, shopping, etc. I sleep more, work less and train a hell of a lot more.


Even with a book on Amazon's Best-Seller list in the top 100 in 2 categories (weight training and vegan), I'm still pulling cans out of the garbage to turn in for 5 cents each here in OR. I did that today at the gym and a few weeks ago stood in the freezing weather for an hour returning cans and bottles I picked up from my little brother's house. I'm a pretty interesting guy. I have high levels of success and popularity, but I don't know how to manage finances and go through periods like right now where I have been living rent-free since June, just bouncing around staying at various places around the country.


I'm thinking of moving to Texas in the spring when my current tour dates have a break. I'm busy now until mid-April and then I think it slows down a bit. I'm thinking of relocating to Texas to do some writing and I have a place to stay there. Then when I get my first book royalty check this summer I think I'll move to LA again. Still trying to finish Vegan Brothers in Iron too.


Anyway, on to my workout......


After lots of errands today I got to the gym and someone recognized me and talked for a solid 20 minutes. I couldn't escape. She was a big talker and hard to get a word in, but it was fine, no big deal. I jumped right into if after that. I decided to have an interesting workout. I created my own little cycle and did it over and over and over for an hour. The number of reps changed slightly but for the most part the cycle looked like this:


10 dumbbell cleans

10 dumbbell overhead press

10 push-ups

15 bodyweight squats

50 bicycle sit-ups

25 jumping jacks


Repeat for an hour.


No rest between exercises and no rest between sets.


I did it for 30 minutes without a break, not even for a drink of water. As soon as I'd finish those jumping jacks I'd grab the 30 lb dumbbells and go right to work with cleans and presses.


Then the next 30 minutes I took a few breathers, maybe doing 2 or 3 cycles at a time, resting a moment and going back at it.


I ended up with 20+ cycles I think.


While there I saw Champion Vegan Bodybuilder and forum member Ed Bauer. He's one of my favorite people so it's always great to see him.


Then I hopped on the stair-stepper for 25 minutes and then bike for 10 minutes just to get a little cardio going to make sure I'm in shape for the LA Fit Expo coming up in 10 days. I'll be working the BB.com booth with Jamie Eason, Jerome Fergusson, and many others.


Since I was talking to the woman and to Ed and did the 30+ min on cardio I decided over 2 hours at the gym was enough and I skipped the steam, sauna, hot tub I planned to do. I wanted to get home and get ready to go to Canada tomorrow.


Had some Vega Sport Protein at the gym along with some fruit.


Now I'm eating tofu, tempeh, lentils and tomatoes. I'll get some fruit in before bed too.


Midnight now, gotta pack and catch a flight tomorrow morning to Vancouver to present Forks Over Knives to an audience of about 350. Should be cool.


Peace out yo.



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January 20, 2011


Today I took a rest day. I didn't get a lot of sleep and had a trip to Canada to host a screening of Forks Over Knives so I deliberately enjoyed a day off.


Lean and Green took me to the airport, I flew to Canada, got to my downtown hotel room, ate and then took a nap and then hosted a screening of www.forksoverknives.com for 350+ people at the public library.


I introduced the film, hosted the Q and A after and mingled with people, took some pics, had fun, etc. Called Brian in LA and gave him the recap and then headed over to my co-workers condo just 2 blocks away. There we had vegan dinner, he bought 2 of my books, gave me a book by another author friend of his, gave me a train ticket to the airport and around midnight I walked back to the hotel.


Solid day in Vancouver, Canada.


Good times.

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January 21, 2011


Today I woke up in Vancouver BC after a late night at my friend's house party and watching a bit of TV til 2AM since I haven't had TV at home for more than 5 years....it's fun for me to watch occasionally.


I hit my alarm a bunch of times for a full hour, wanting to get a workout in before I headed to the airport. Even though I'll work out later tonight, I wanted to get a workout in right away.


So I hopped out of bed, went down to the fitness room and climbed on the stair stepper for 32 minutes and then sat in the sauna for about 5 minutes.


I'm at the airport now and board in less than an hour. Lean and Green will pick me up and we'll hit a workout tonight, possibly more cardio and sauna etc. too.


I'm preparing to be ready for some photo shoots in 8 or 9 days that may or may not take place. I'm hoping to get some photo shoots with some IFBB Pros and other fitness models, vegan models, etc. while back in LA for the first time since I moved in June.


I'll be doing other photo shoots in the spring and throughout the year as I make my return to bodybuilding and "fitness" - I have more a fitness physique now at 180 pounds than a bodybuilding physique of 195+ pounds, but I do plan to get up to that bodyweight later this year. In fact I'm still growing, I'm just growing slowly as I also keep bodyfat fairly low. Though I'm growing slower by design, I am more fit, look more fit, feel more fit and I'm happy with where I'm at and where I'm going.


Flight soon....then another workout.


Yeah Buddy!




Lean and Green and thendanisays picked me up from the airport, took me home, I got some food and headed to the gym. I stayed there for 2.5 hours or so. Lots of exercise today.


Lean and I trained chest.


I did about 6 sets of flat bench up to maybe 195, 4 or 5 sets of decline bench at 225 at the top weight, and then did 4 sets incline dumbbell press and 4 sets incline flys. I also did 4 sets of push-ups.


Then I rode the bike for 32 minutes and spent about 30 minutes in the steam, sauna, hot tub and also had Vega, and fruit throughout my workout.


Dinner afterward.


Sleep time.

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January 22, 2011


Today I completed 3 interviews so I'm pretty pleased about that. Two were for European Magazines and both were quite long interviews and the third one was a podcast interview for about 45 minutes over the phone. I rambled a bit and was aware of it during the interview, but oh well. There are many more. In fact, I'm really enjoying the radio interviews, discussions, debates, etc. so I plan to do a lot more in the coming months


After spending a lot of time writing most of the day, I also shipped a few things and then of course Lean and Green and I hit up the gym.


Today my workout was back and shoulders.


It looked a little like this:


Dumbbell lateral raises x 6 sets

Dumbbell front raises x 5 sets

Dumbbell rear delt raises x 4 sets

Dumbbell overhead press x 6 sets


T-bar rows x 4 sets wide grip

T-bar rows x 4 sets narrow grip


Wide grip pull-ups x 4 sets

Narrow grip pull-ups x 4 sets


Dumbbell shrugs x 4 sets


Nearly 40 sets but I kept the pace up and finished in less than an hour or just about exactly an hour.


Lean and Green trained some of the same exercises with me. We talked trash because for most exercises I'm stronger but weigh less. He's stronger on legs and some back exercises but I think I've got him everywhere else. He's gunning for me since I got a head start making my return to the gym in August compared to his return in about November or December. We both find ways to let our actions shut the other up and it's all for fun and with smiles and fist bumps, high fives and hugs.


Then we made a massive dinner.....something I'm still working on finishing as I type this while he falls asleep preparing for a long day tomorrow.


We made a kale salad with nuts and raisens, potatoes with Daiya vegan cheese and soy curls and I snacked on a few other things while we prepared food, mostly fruit. He may have had a shake.


Anyway, good times, productive day, so pleased to get those 3 interviews done and have another article to finish asap and then many more to write, along with my new book of course too.


My book dropped a little on Amazon rankings but the rankings change hourly so no big deal. When more interviews and reviews coming out it will pick right back up.


As my tours continue and as I move to Texas, Florida or California and get in a new environment I imagine book sales will pick up then too.


I'm still in the low 180's in bodyweight but working on compound lifts and eating. Progress is coming, even if it is slow, it is steady. A pic from a few days ago:




Peace out. Have a great weekend everyone!

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January 23, 2011


I just got home from the gym, eating dinner with Lean and Green and read the news that Jack Lalanne passed away today. Sad news


Today I did a bit of computer work and then did something I don't normally do...I spent most of the entire day with friends. Normally I'm working all the time and don't make a lot of time for social events outside of work-related social events, but today I just hung out I watched football, played with my friend's kids, shopped for groceries and of course went to the gym.


Today at the gym I trained biceps, a little bit of triceps and 20 minutes on the stair stepper at a fast speed.


I did a ton of bicep curls from supinated curls, hammer curls, EZ curl bar curls, and even decline bicep curls on a bench. I did about 20-25 sets total. I ended up doing about 4 sets of triceps overhead extensions with a dumbbell and about 8 sets of push-ups. Then 20 min on stair stepper, Vega Sport Protein drink, showered and came home with groceries and Lean and Green made another great dinner.


Dinner time! I'll get some food pics soon but for now, arms in my Forks Over Knives t-shirt



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January 24, 2011


Today I ran a bunch of errands and then I ran up a bunch of hills I focused on running hill repeats today. The hill was steep and about 200 meters long. The sun came out for the longest time that I can remember lately so I trained outside today. In total I ran for 38 minutes in a sweatshirt and sweatpants and knit cap. It will still cold, but I didn't want to spend the gas money to go to the gym today knowing it was just going to be a cardio day and total body workout day. I'm still recovering from massive debt, and still even pulling cans out of the garbage at the gym or picking them up off the street to return them for 5 cents each. I put myself in unique positions. Even if I have successful projects, I'm still working day by day to cover bills.


In addition to running, I also trained total body via ab roll-outs, squats, push-ups and sit-ups. In honor of Jack Lalanne, I did 96 reps of each of those 4 exercises today.


I'm really looking forward to going to the LA Fit Expo this weekend! I'm selling books at half price, scrambling around to get myself there, but I'll make it. Vega is covering a lot of my expenses, but I still have to front a bunch of them. I'm so pumped to be there! I haven't been in 2 years and it's only my 2nd time going. I'll be working with my friend Jamie Eason from Bodybuilding.com and I'll be at the Bodybuilding.com booth all weekend.


I'm also going to be filming some new videos while I'm there and that should be super exciting.


Today I ate a lot of potatoes, avocado, tofu, tempeh, salsa, protein drinks and fruit.


Time for more food and then sleep.


Have a great day everyone!


If you're in LA come out here: http://www.thefitexpo.com/

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January 25, 2011


Thanks Steph.


Today I shaved my legs for the first time in almost 2 years and the floor looked like someone lost their mullet or small dog


Getting ready to go to LA. Got my travel plans all sorted out and I'm ready to leave this weekend for an awesome time at the LA Fit Expo. Gonna rock, hope some of you come out for it.


I visited my mother today, picked up more VEGAN shorts to ship to www.veganessentials.com and met with Lean and Green for a workout.


Workout was like this:


Dumbbell lateral raises x 6 sets

Dumbbell front raises x 6 sets

Dumbbell rear delt raises x 6 sets

Dumbbell overhead press x 6 sets


Then about 15 sets or more (basically 45 minutes+) one arm dumbell swings (kettlebell style)


I also did about 8 sets of push-ups and 5 sets of lower back extensions.


After that I spent 30 minutes on the stair stepper.


1 hour 45 minutes training.


Massive dinner again.


Kale salad, potatoes, tofu, tempeh, avocado, fruit, etc.


Good times.


Up late, got squats tomorrow. Gotta head to bed. Watching stand up comedy on TV with thendanisays while Lean and Green works on www.veganproteins.com stuff.


We're rocking!



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January 26, 2011


I'm starting to get in shape! All free weights all the time! Haven't missed a workout in 6 months and though I'm progressing slowly, I'm still progressing.


A few pics for fun from tonight's workout with Mikkei















I'm really enjoying training in Mikkei's garage. This was my 2nd workout there and I look forward to one or two more before I head out on tour and won't make it back to OR many more times the rest of 2011.


Wherever I go (likely TX, CA, or FL) I'll keep on training day in and day out.


Tonight we did about 8 sets of squats and 4 sets of barbell lunges.


I got up to 225 on squats for the first time in 7 years (after my 7 year break from squats and deadlifts due to injuries). I got up to 165 on barbell lunges. I almost tipped over and so did Mikkei but we kept upright.


Really fun time!


Then thendanisays made dinner which was great! Lean and Green is busy working away on www.veganproteins.com stuff and I'm preparing to say goodbye to my Portland buddies as I take off this week for LA and then in late Feb for the rest of the year.


I'll miss this place, I think. I honestly didn't miss it last year because my tour was so amazing and I loved LA and Orlando but I think this time around I'll miss my buddies a bit more.


Anyway, another workout tomorrow then flying to LA to work with BB.com at the LA Fit Expo.





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January 27, 2011


Today I had to force myself not to lift weights....a problem I haven't had in like 10 years....a great problem to have! I just have so much fun in the gym and especially with free weights. Yes....Buddy!


I had a busy day working, planning my trip to LA, fundraising, shipping, etc.


I also wrote a newsletter which I'll post shortly.


Today at the gym I simply climbed the stair stepper for 51 minutes and then stretched. I was temped to do push-ups or something with dumbbells but I know I need to rest my muscles and joints so I just chilled out and stretched a bit. I haven't mentioned it yet because I'm pumped about being injury-free, but I do have some sort of soreness, partial tear or something going on in my psoas area. It's hard to sit up, to train abs or to do specific movements....but I'm just going to rest it and I'm sure it will be fine. I probably pulled something playing basketball last week or while training abs. It has been sore for a week or 10 days but hasn't slowed me down at all aside from abdominal training. It doesn't bother me doing squats, bench, or anything else by abdominal stuff.


I'm still considering myself to be injury-free, just a little soreness. I fly to LA in the morning and I'll have a gym at my hotel that Vega booked for me. So I'll keep on training regularly, won't slip up or anything like that. I'll also be filming some short training videos so I'm really excited about that! My bags are all packed and I'm pumped.


Now I gotta go sign some books, eat and go to bed. Already past midnight and I get up early....but VeganProteins.com is giving away FREE copies of my book in the form of store credit rebate for the full cost of the book so I need to go sign a bunch to get them ready.


Night night all.


Come see me in LA at the Convention Center if you're around!





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January 28, 2011


Gotta be quick, going to be 2AM soon and I gotta be up early to work at the BB.com booth at the LA Fit Expo.


I'm back in LA! Sunny here!


I walked about 5 miles total, set up the BB.com booth with them, had vegan dinner at Shojin downtown and then worked out for an hour finishing around midnight.


About to go to bed. My psoas is still sore, hard to even flex abs, so I'm admitting I may have some minor "injury" now.


Tonight I trained biceps, shoulders and a bit of chest and was just fine. It's just certain movements that cause some pain. It's all good.


Night Night!


Yay Expo tomorrow!!!

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January 29, 2011


Today was a long day at the LA Fit Expo! I didn't eat very much at all because had very little food with me and hadn't been shopping since I got here.


I worked from 9AM-7PM and walked miles in total so, hungry and exhausted I went shopping, carried fairly heavy bags another mile back to the hotel and decided to take a day off from the gym. I just want to eat all night. I felt so skinny and wimpy going all day without food. I was still lean and looked good according to what people told me and what the mirror said, but I just want a night of sitting here in the hotel room and eating


I'm also looking to get to bed a bit sooner today. 2AM yesterday was too late and I'm still quite tired from all the time on my feet, constant talking to thousands of attendees, etc.


I plan to be in bed before midnight and not up until 8AM-ish.


Lower back is a little tight. I tripped today but didn't fall but still jolted my back a little and also carried bags for miles, and I think that is probably was caused the stiffness and soreness.


Back to eating.......maybe I'll find a movie or something on TV. Just chill tonight. Total relaxation I could use a quiet night.


Have a great weekend everyone!

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January 30, 2011


I had a great day at the LA Fit Expo today! I'll post some pics. Really fun time all around!


After another long day I walked about 3 miles back to the hotel and got groceries along the way. I came back and ate like crazy, inspired to put on more size! Then I went to the gym and trained back and triceps for an hour. I did dumbbell deadlifts, dumbbell rows, and triceps overhead extensions, triceps dumbbell kickbacks, dips, and for good measure I did a few sets of bicep curls, about 4 sets each of shoulder lateral, front, rear delt raises and overhead press. A couple sets of push-ups and some flexing for fun too.


Then I had 2 full servings of Vega Sport Protein, more food, uploaded some pics and now even more food before I go to bed.



I'm getting up tomorrow to train before I leave the hotel and then I'm heading to the beach to hang out in Venice the next couple of days shooting some videos and photo shoots on the beach. Should be fun!


Met thousands and thousands of people today. My hand actually got sore, almost like injured from shaking so many hands, especially those of really strong people coming by the Bodybuilding.com booth.


Here are a few photos from this weekend.


It was amazing. I'm so pumped about bodybuilding again. Perhaps......more than ever in my life....ten years after my first event I ever attended that got me super pumped about this lifestyle in the early days.


Look at how much fun I am having! 6 months ago I was skinny and looked terrible since I had taken an entire year off. I was down to my old teenage bodyweight. I fixed that in just 6 months from never missing a workout.


Loving it!

















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