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Stephanie's Figure Journal

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Well I'm really new to the forums but I'm going to go ahead and start a training journal.


I'm training for my very first figure competition, the OCB Yankee Classic July 30, 2011. I've been fairly athletic for the last two years, running two half marathons and numerous smaller races. Weight training is somewhat new to me but so far I'm absolutely loving it and dare I say, having more fun then when I was just running and training for the half marys.


Here are my stats as of 12/15 (my first official day of training):


Age - 26

Weight - 134.6

Height - 5'4"

Tri - 22'

Sup - 26.5'

Thigh - 27.5


I'm working with a trainer to help me with my workouts. He also happens to be a natural bodybuilder though he does eat animal products. He's been very supportive of my choice to stick to my vegan diet while training but can't really offer me too much help with nutrition.


My training schedule is six days of strength training and five days of cardio:


Day 1 Legs (quads/ham/glutes/calves) and Interval Cardio @ 20min

Day 2 Chest/Abs and steady state cardio @ 40min

Day 3 Back and Interval Cardion @ 20min

Day 4 Shoulders/Abs and SS Cardio @ 40min

Day 5 Legs and Intervals @ 20min

Day 6 Bis/Tris (thinking of throwing in another cardio day here)

Day 7 REST (light yoga at home to stretch muscles)


So today was a leg day which I did this morning nice and early. I like to work out around 5:30am before I go to work and usually do cardio right after weights. Today I had to come back after work and get cardio in. Almost didn't go because I was tired but I did and felt great and happy that I did.


Struggling a little with nutrition. Today's break down looks like this:


Calories 1223 Carbs 122.8 Protein 111.20 Fat 40.10


Really low on the calories for my liking. I'm trying to be around 1500-1600 calories. I need to burn fat since I'm about 15 pounds over where I'd like to be come comp time but I'm also not trying to starve myself. So this will be an area that I work on a lot until I get it right.


I just ordered Vega Sport Protein Drink and the Performance Optimizer to drink in the am prior to workouts so I'm hoping that helps. Also in the market for an additional protein powder. I'm not a big fan of tofu so my major protein sources right now have been beans, some tempeh and Smart Dogs Jumbo Protein Links (vegan junk i know but lots of protein).


So that's where I'm at as of today. I'll get some before photos posted at some point.




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Yah!! another vegan figure competitor!! =D I agree with you, low on calories. I learned from my first show not to go too low with calories, I went in smaller than I was 4 weeks out and wasn't happy with it.



May be helpful to post what your food journal as well. Very exciting, congrats on deciding to do your first comp!

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Yeah, pumped to get more competitors! I also saw in the introductions section another figure competitor just joined yesterday in addition to Steph, so they just keep on coming. This is great!


And more bodybuilders joining too. I'm looking forward to the biggest year of vegan competitors on stage in 2011 and growing each ensuing year!


All the best to our figure competitors! Rock it!

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@djshew awesome, I'm so excited to get to know others pursuing the same! Yeah I had a feeling it was low by the way I felt at the end of the day. And I don't want to lean down to low now and then when it comes time to cut I can't go any lower. So I'm learning! Any advice/tips more then welcome!


@RC 2011 will be a great year! I did see the other person in the intro as well. I'm so excited about all these people with similar goals and interests. Awesome.

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Okay so today ended up being an unintended rest day, which is fine, that just means I'll be working out on Sunday instead. But even though I know I need a day off, I can't help but feel a little lazy when I take one.


So tomorrow morning will be chest/abs and ss cardio.


I thought I'd share today's eats. I had a business lunch meeting which I always dread. A. because it's obviously hard to control what you eat as far as portions and B. I don't really fit in at work because of "healthy" I am...go figure. Sad but true. So I sometimes get shy making special orders.


I was pleasantly surprised though when I pulled the waitress aside and told her I was vegan and if the chef didn't mind throwing together a nice salad loaded with veggies and beans for me. Luckily they were more than happy too.


M1 apple (ate this running out the door to catch my train)

M2 1/2c dry oatmeal/ 2 tbsp raw pumpkin seeds/ 1 tbsp raw agave and a black coffee

M3 Mixed greens with BV (balsamic vinegar), plate with grilled zucchini, portabello/asparagus and white beans (this was eaten at the restaurant and cooked EVOO)

M4 2 Salt Free Brown Rice Cakes w/ 1/4 Powdered PB


**If you have not tried trader joes peanut flour YOU MUST! Great nutrition stats if your a PB lover like me with half the fat and calories. 1/4c has 110cal 8 carbs 16g protein and 4g fat**


M5 12 Mary's Crackers/ 2tbsp hummus/ 2 large celery stalks

M6 Large salad with 2 small cucumbers/tomato/ 2tbsp flax meal/ 1 tbsp nooch/ 2 jumbo veg protein links


So I didn't really know how to calculate my lunch so without my lunch/cucumbers and celery calculated in, my totals looks like this:


1,007 calories 140g carbs 68g protein 26g fat


Obviously I ate more calories then that but it can't be more than 300-400 I'm guessing which would make it a little better than yesterday, but my carbs are pretty high! I felt more snacky today for some reason, hence the crackers and hummus.


I just finished re-reading THRIVE and I'm really contemplating giving the 12w meal plan a shot but I'm afraid that I won't lose the body fat that I need too. My trainer says to minimize the amount of fruit I eat because of the sugar and carbs and of course there is a lot of fruit involved in the THRIVE diet.


Oh and I'm working on my water consumption. I'm drinking anywhere from 64 - 100oz right now and my trainer wants to see me drink more. I find it difficult but chugging one large water bottle during my workout helps a little.


Alright well time for bed. Up early for some quality time with the gym.




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Again.....great detail in your journal!


Awesome stuff.


Regarding the fruit....that is a common thing seemingly "all" bodybuilders frown upon and I did too back in 2003 when I was first competing. For years I stayed away from it, but as of late I haven't worried that much about it. I still ate fruit in contest prep for the 4 shows I did in 2009 and I was super shredded this summer like 6 or 8-pack abs (as seen on facebook haha!) and I ate fruit all day long, more than anything.


So I'm not sold on the whole "no fruit" or "low fruit" thing.


No doubt it's a complicated game.....pre contest dieting....but just keep exploring and experimenting.


My philosophy has been and still is....the more I train, the more I can eat. So rather and depriving myself, I just turn it up a notch with training. I simply do more cardio or do more workouts and allow myself to eat more comfortably. And all that training tends to just add more tone to my muscles. Just my experience.


All the best!

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Thanks RC! I can be chatty and wordy so the details come easily


I don't think I could go without any fruit at all. I just love it so much and when I workout in the morning I usually have a piece of fruit just so that I'm not running on a completely empty tank.


I like your philosophy. However I have had the hardest time losing the last bit of weight for two years so I'm so afraid that no matter what I do I won't lose the belly fat. So truth be told I think I'm afraid to eat too much...but like you said, it's one big experiment so I'm hoping to learn a lot about my body through this process.


Today was chest/abs and cardio. Here's my AM workout:


BB Flat Press Bar-12r/5p-12r/5p-10r


(super set)

DB Flys on ball 12p-12r x3

Leg Raises 12r x3

SB Jacknife 12r x3


(super set)

SB Plank :30s x3

Push Ups 10r x3


Cable Flys 25p-10r x3


PM Workout:


10 minutes stretch

10 minute warm up on bike

40 min ss run @ 3% incline


As far as my eats, I did a lot better with calories and I feel much more satiated, although I need to work on eating more calories during the day and less at night.


M1 (Pre WO) Clementine

M2 (Post WO) 1/2c dry oats/1 scoop pp

M3 1/4 soy nuts/ Clementine/ Blk Coffee

M4 2c mixed greens/ 4oz tempeh w/ hot sauce/ 1/2c shelled edamame/ 1 BR SF rice cake w/ 1 tbsp natural PB

M5 (Pre WO) Banana/ Green Tea

M6 (Post WO) Vega Protein Drink - LOVE

M7 1c lentils/ 1/2 tomato/ 1/4 avocado/ 7 spears roasted asparagus


1633cal 170carb 116protein 75fat


H20 96oz (not including water in tea or protein drink)


I drank the protein shake while dinner was cooking because I was so hungry, that and it had just come in the mail. I love it. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor.


So I think overall it was a good day as far as eats and training is concerned. Now I just need to relax a little about this fear I have about not being able to lose the weight. I do feel better energy wise having eaten more calories then the last few days. Hopefully I can duplicate this.


Alright well that's all folks. Sleep tight!




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Went to bed late again last night. Decided to sleep the extra two hours this morning and just work out after work.


Also came to the realization that I'm definitely an emotional eater. Had

a rough day at work today. Not really fitting in or feeling satisfied at my job is a big part of it. Suddenly wanted chocolate and the brownies a co-worker brought in. First real craving in weeks.


I immediately realized it wasn't because I was hungry, it was because I was feeling a little down. Didn't cave. No brownies for me.


Today was Back/Cardio - I have a week back so I love these days. I have a not-so-secret goal to finally be able to do unassisted pull ups. Even if it's just one.




5 min stretch

10 min warm up on stairs


lat pull down 60p - 12r x3


(super set)

DB Row 20p - 12r x3

25p Oblique Lift 20r x3 (upped the reps this week. Went from 15 to 20. Felt good)


(super set)

ICB Swing 15p - :30s x3

Inv Row 12 x3 (this one is hard for me. Difficult to make it through reps)


Alt Row 15p - 50 x3


20 min interval cardio/ 10 minute cool down on bike




M1 - Clementine

M2 - 1/2 dry oats w/ powdered pb

M3 - Dinner Leftovers: 1c lentils/ 1/4 avocado/ 1/2 tom with a spoonfull of salsa

M4 - 2 stalks of celery with 2 tbsp hummus

M5 - (Pre WO) Vega Protein & 1 Clementine

M6 - (Post WO) Tofu Scramble w/ spinach, red pepper and avocado/ 1cup homebrew kombucha


1522 calories 113carb 109protein 91.5fat


A little high on the fat but I'm happy about the calories. Slowly getting better. First night really trying to attempt tofu again. I made a scramble and it was SO good! I ate one block of Wildwood Organics sprouted tofu.


TMI Alert!!


Gas has been out of control the last week so I had a glass of my homebrew kombucha. Don't know the nutrition but I'm hoping it helps what ever is going on with my insides. To much fiber? Not enough?


That's all for now. Need at least an hour before bed to unplug and relax. Shoulder and abs tomorrow. Another favorite!




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lolz at R.C.


Hey your journal rocks and your goals are very attainable. If your macros are unbalanced, you're going to have gas. Protein is more difficult to digest. Best for a cleanse some other time though imho. I def suggest the classic bbing nutrition (aka lots of protein). Good luck with the up and coming comp. I'm sure you'll do great!


Asparagus, Blk Coffee, Oats, oh boy, yes you are at it


I'd bet you commitment pays off and in the long run as well. I'll check in again, keep us inspired!

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ha-ha you guys are too funny! Yeah I don't make for the best company right now, but I bet at this point I'd fit right in at the Arco's Straight Up Gas Institute


I decided to cut out the coffee. I'm not a huge drinker of it anyway and I don't drink it because I feel like I need it energy wise, more out of boredom and/or convenience while at work.


Perhaps a cleanse after training!? I'll keep that in the books. Thanks for the words Lean and Green.


Just a quick recap of yesterday before I head to the gym.


1/7 Shoulders & Abs Day


(I typically do a quick warm up with jumping jacks, high knees and stretches before each workout, or 10 minutes on the stairs)


DB Arnold Press 12p - 12r, 15p - 10r x 3


BB Uprights 30p - 10r x4


MTS Shoulder Press 35p - 12r x3


(Super Set)

DB Seated Side Raise 8p - 12r, 8p-10r, 8p-10r (I must have weak shoulders because these are tough for me)

DB Front Raise 10p-12r, 8p-10r, 8p-10r


Machine Ab Crunches 10p-20r x3

" Obliques 10p-10r x3


M1 (Pre WO) apple

M2 (Post WO) Vega Protein Drink

M3 1/2c dry oats/ 1/4c dry cranberries with powdered PB

M4 Large salad with 1/2c lentils/ 1/4 avocado and BV

M5 12 Mary's Crackers/ handful of carrots/ hummus

M6 2 Vegan Tamales/1c kombucha - tamales had green/red peppers, black beans and daiya cheese


I had a friend over for dinner last night and we made dinner. I don't know how to calculate the nutrition for our tamales (they were amazing) and I'm sure I ate too many carbs. But I didn't eat to much and decided to just enjoy the meal.


Not a good day for water consumption, not including vega drink, I probably only had 64oz of water.


Alright well I'm peacing out. Today is interval training and bi's/tri's. Lot's to do today so I'm off to go get a good workout in and get busy.


Have a great weekend!

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I'm going to keep this short and sweet for tonight. My kitchen is being ripped apart early monday morning and I have SO much to do to get ready for it.


Trust me this is MUCH needed however I'm nervous about eats for the next two weeks. I won't have a sink or stove so my diet will be mostly raw, which is not a bad thing, but I'm not sure yet how I'm going to get in enough to eat and enough protein.






Warm Up: Jumping Jacks/High Knees and stretching


DB Incline Curls 12p -12r x3

Skull Crushers 12p -12 x3 (Went up on weight for both these. Love that)


Dip Press 20p - 12 x3

Preacher Curls 15p-12r x3


Rope Tri 35p -12 x3

Rope Curls 30p-12 x3


Interval Cardio Workout - Warm Up 5 min


5min @ 5.0 3%Incline

1min @5.5

2min @4.5

1min @6.0

2min @4.5

1min @6.5

2min @4.5

1min @7.0

2min @5.0

5min @4.0 - fast walk


M1 (Pre WO) 1/4 dry oats (decided to cut back on my serving of oats)/1 tbsp PB

M2 (Post WO) Vega Protein

M3 2cup raw spinach/ 3jumbo smart dogs/ 1tbsp shelled hemp seed/ 1/4 chopped onion

M4 3tbsp cashews/kiwi

M5 1cup blackbeans/ 1 slice of ezekiel toast/ 1/4 avocado and 1 slice of tomato

M6 1/4c trail mix (raisins, sunflower seeds, pepitas, cashews, almonds, peanuts)

M7 Smoothie - 4tbsp hemp protein/ 1 packet of choc vega shake n go/ 1/4 walnuts/ 1/2 banana/ 1oz raw cacao nibs/ 1tbsp flax seed


Totals: 1532 calories 136.5 carb 133.5 protein 60.5Fat


Oh and I had my eye exam today and he noted that my eyes were dry and that my tear ducts did not have the natural sheen of oil that they should have. Mine was more spotted. He suggested that I get more Omega-3s in my diet. So I'm going to try and eat more seeds and walnuts


Note to self: no coffee. more seeds and walnuts. Smaller servings of oats.


Happy Saturday Night Friends!!




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Just popping in for a quick note.


Trainer gave me a goal last week to lose 5 pounds in two weeks. I weighed myself this morning and my weight hasn't moved at all. I'm feeling frustrated and concerned that I'm not going to be able to shed any weight.


I'm going to do cardio 6-7 days a week and do as many 'two a days' as I can fit in and push HARD. Hopefully that helps and I start seeing some body fat melt away.

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M4 2 Salt Free Brown Rice Cakes w/ 1/4 Powdered PB


**If you have not tried trader joes peanut flour YOU MUST! Great nutrition stats if your a PB lover like me with half the fat and calories. 1/4c has 110cal 8 carbs 16g protein and 4g fat**


Where in TJ's is this sold? Is it just called "peanut flour?" I LOVE pb, but I don't buy it since I tend to eat too much of it. Does it taste good? Do you just mix it with water? Sorry for all of the pb questions.


Try not to get too hung up on weight. What about your measurements, are those changing?

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Don't apologize! I'm a peanut butter lover myself but have to be careful since I eat lots of nuts and avocados too. Yes it's Trader Joes Peanut Flour and different stores have it in different places. Sometimes it's on a displace but it should be near the other flours. You mix it with water until you get your desired consistency. It definitely doesn't taste like regular pb because it has no sugar in it, but you can add a little salt to taste and it's great! I'm sure you could add a little sweetener to it if you want but I prefer not too.


You know I haven't measured myself since I started. I do feel a little firmer and tigther in places. But you're right, I know I shouldn't get hung up on weight. It's difficult not too but I should definitely put my focus elsewhere.

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Stopping by to make sure you're still training


Hope you have an awesome week of fitness!


Hi Robert - Thanks for checking in! I'm absolutely still training! I'm begining to think you guys might hunt me down if I don't lol


Just been a crazy two days with my kitchen being torn down so I haven't been able to be on long enough to do a full check in.


I didn't make it to the gym this morning, stayed up way to late and had a hard time pulling myself out of bed at 5am. But tonight I'm going to the gym to do some legs, chest & abs and hit it hard with the cardio. I'm doing double duty tonight because I missed the gym yesterday. And I want to make sure I'm getting 6-7 days of workouts in each week.


I'll be back tonight with a full report my friends.




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Wow the snow has been coming down in Boston today, we've got at least 20in already and as I sit here and type this, it's still coming down!


I trudged my way to the gym anyway this morning to meet Joe (the trainer I work with when I can). I'm pretty sure they opened the gym for me because I was the only one in there! I was hoping to go back tonight for cardio but they had closed since the weather wasn't letting up.


Good news though, I had been talking to Joe about my frustrations with the scale so he suggested we take my measurements again. I've lost two inches on waist and almost two on my tricep so I'm losing body fat and that makes me very happy! VERY happy!


Today was a back day, the area I feel I need the most work strength wise so I love back days.


Romanian Dead Lifes bar - 12r, 10p - 8r x3


Assisted Pullups 80p - 12r, 10r, 8r


Hammer Strength High Row 35p -12r, 10r, 10r


(super set)

Reverse Grip lat pull 60p -12r, 10r, 10r

Cable rows 50p - 12r, 10r, 10r


I felt really good after today's workout. It was definitely a motivator to know that my body comp is actually changing regardless of what the scale is saying so far. I know that with boosting up the intensity of my cardio and up to 6days a week, I'll have that in the bag too.


M1 Post WO 1/2 c dry oats, 1/4c powdered pb

M2 Brown Rice Cake

M3 Large salad with tabuleh, 1/4 hummus and two stuffed grape leaves

M4 apple and vega shake n go drink

M5 bowl of quinoa with steamed veggies and black beans


This weekend I'm driving up to Maine to spend the weekend with my family. I'm hoping to get in some kind of workout while I'm there, even if it's just a simple bodyweight workout.


Today's been a rough day. My dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a little over a year ago. We found out just a few short weeks ago that it has started to spread into his abdomen. I spoke with my mom today and he hasn't been able to eat anything since xmas besides applesauce. Since he's been diagnosed I've sent him a lot of groceries, avocados, almond milk, amazing grass protein, nuts...anything to get him some healthy nutrients but he just can't digest some of those things well anymore.


Training for this competition has been a huge stress relief for me, it's nice to have something to focus all my energies on. But I think we've now entered the beginning stages of the "end" so to speak and I can't even begin to express how scared I am. All I want to do is either be at the gym or sleep, I find it hard to focus on anything else other than those two things. I've been losing my appetite the last few days so I'm struggling to eat enough.


But anyway...I just had to vent so sorry if that got a little too...personal.


Have a great night!



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Pancreatic cancer is an awful, awful disease. Know that there are people on here (and out there!) who are sending you and your family prayers and strength. When everything else seems like its falling apart, maybe you can take some solace in the control you have over your body. Don't give up!

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