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Stephanie's Figure Journal

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Thanks everyone for all the love and support! Was really nice to login this morning to such encouraging messages. Can't even explain how much I appreciate it. Sending you all big virtual hugs


I spent the weekend in Maine with my family and though I missed two days of training, I always feel a little better after seeing my dad and being able to spend some quality time. I brought him up my breville juicer and he loves it! He's been drinking a couple glasses a day and that's encouraging since he hasn't been able to eat much.


But back to training:


So far my bodyfat is down 2% and I've lost 3 pounds so far. Happy to see it declining, though I'd like to see it fall a little more steadily.


To get a little caught up on what I've been up to, here's what yesterday looked like:


Tuesday 1/18 Chest & Abs


BB Flat Press 5p - 12r, 5p - 10r, 5p - 10r


(Super Set)

DB Flys on Ball 12p - 12r x3

Leg Raises 12r x3

SB Jacknife 12r x3


(Super Set)

SB Plank :30s x3

Push Ups 10r x3


Cable Flys 25p - 10r x3


Interval Cardio 2% Incline 25 minutes/ 10 min cool down on stairs


M1 Vega Protein Shake/ 1/2c dry oats/ 2tbsp PB2/ 1tbsp agave/ yerba mate tea

M2 1 BR Cake/ 2tbsp PB2

M3 1/2c quinoa/ 1/2c shelled edamame/ 1 Veggie Collard Wrap/ 1/2tbsp white bean hummus/ 1 block TJ Terrayaki Tofu

M4 (Pre WO) BR Cake/ 1tbsp real PB/ Vega Protein Shake

M5 (Post WO) Vega Protein Shake/ 2c romain lettuce/ 1/4c cherry tom/ 1/4c sh edamame/ 2tbsp white bean hummus


1448.5 Calories 160.15 Carbs 37.62 Fats 131 Protein (64oz H20 - low for the day)


I decided to take out fruit for a little bit and see if that has any positive effect on my weight loss. I feel like my carb intake is high and I'm really trying to reduce the amount of sugar I consume. Since my body likes to hold onto weight pretty easily, every move counts.


I decided to keep my oats at a 1/2 cup each morning because cutting it back had me hungrier earlier in the morning.


Being without my kitchen really sucks, my routine has fallen a little off track so I don't have a lot of food prepared in advance. I kind of grab and go right now but I'm hoping to find some kind of routine soon. I'm probably looking at another 3 weeks of no kitchen. boo!


Got up nice and early this morning and got in my workout. I have to say I much prefer working out first thing in the morning. I like the crowd a lot better and it's less busy. The evening crowd is a lot more rowdier and I feel like the big pumped up dudes watch over me way to much when I'm doing my thing. So that's a nice little motivator for me to get my butt out of bed when I'm feeling like hitting snooze one to many times.


I'll be back on tonight with today's eats and my morning workout.


"Keep Calm and get your Workout On"




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Hey all! Have no fear I'm still here! ha-ha


I'm still tracking every move, bite and chug of water in the journal I carry with me everywhere but I haven't logged onto the forums in a few days. But I'll be back with my daily recaps starting now! In a couple days i'll be exactly 6 months out from my competition, so even though I've been training for the last month, I'm taking things a little bit more seriously. It's kind of like the last month has been a warm up and now it's game time!


In other exciting news, I've dropped a jean size so I figured I must be doing something right!


Yesterday was a leg day and it was rough, I'm not going to lie. I did legs on Friday too and was already sore going into the workout yesterday. Lots of squats, lunges and single leg dead-lifts; I've been walking funny all day! My poor hamstrings...definitely throwing in some yoga this week.


I'm heading to the gym now (since I slept in this morning...boo) so I'll do a proper recap later.


As far as my meals go, it's still a learning process for me. My meals have been the same for days now and not having a kitchen is becoming a little difficult.


I'm switched out my usual breakfast of oats for a nice warm bowl of breakfast quinoa.

A. I can cook them in my slow cooker overnight and B. It's more of a complete protein and I think I'll benefit nutritionally, especially with some Vega Sport Protein in vanilla thrown in there...so delicious.


Now that it's game time here are my goals I'm focusing on:


1. Consistent morning workouts, no snooze button at 5:00am(I really dislike the evening gym crowd at my gym. Will only go at night if I need to get in additional cardio).

2. Better meal planning, even without the kitchen.

3. Drink a gallon of water every day.

4. Take vitamins consistently

5. No more treats (lately the last few days, I've allowed more treats than I should. Need to refocus)


Time to sweat!




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Just wanted to check in and see how it's going =) Did you guys get anymore snow, we got a bunch here in Baltimore and I hate it!


I found a large reusable water bottle that I carried with me everywhere and that helped me to drink more water. I usually only have problems drinking water and with my diet if I'm home-which seems like the opposite of what is expected.


Happy Training!!

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We've had SO much snow!! We got a little over a foot the last storm we had. Since I walk to the gym I can say I'm pretty much over it lol.


I'm the same way about being home, for some reason i kind of forget, but during the week when I'm at work I have no problems getting in my water!


I've been a little lax with my workouts this week and I've missed a couple, but today marked exactly 6 months out! And I got my vegan nutrition plan all ironed out so I'm feeling really really excited and pumped!!


I feel like I actually have a clue now with what, when and how much I should be eating so that's really going to help me lose body fat while building up some sexy lean muscle.


Today was a rest day and I took it so nothing to report on the gym front. Unfortunately as much as I prefer the gym in the am, I found out on Friday that I have to get to work about an hour earlier so that means moving my workouts to the evening. Ugh.


I just can't do 4:30am wakeup calls. I will if I have to when it comes times to kick things up a notch but for now I'll be hitting the gym after work.


Hope everyones training is going well!!




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Hey friends - I'm currently on the train to Maine to spend the weekend with my family. This morning I got up bright and early and trained legs. Leg days have been brutally awesome, Joe actually suggested we go down to one leg day a week for now instead of two and really kill it. I'm fine with that. Last week I did hard legs on Monday and again on Friday...couldn't walk normal for two days!


Here's my WO this morning:


BB squats 65p - 12r x4 (working on slowly adding more weight as I perfect the form)


Leg Extensions 75p - 10r x2, 90p - 10r, 75p - 10 rep (wow totally fried my quads!)


(Super Set)

DB Splits 15p - 10r x4

DB SLDL 20p - 10r x4


Hack Squats 60p - 10r x4/ calves inbetween each set 15r (this was brutal for me, for the first time in awhile I felt like I wanted to puke...love it!


As far as my diet goes, I've been talking to Jason of Committed Fitness (all the way in Australia...gotta love social networking) and he's really helped teach me the science and importance behind my nutrition. And the best part is that he's just as dedicated to helping me compete as a vegan as I am.


The diet is a little more regimented then what I'm used to but I feel like I need that.


I mentioned on here the struggles I'm going through with my dad being ill and the toll it's had on me emotionally. Through this process I've been learning so much about myself is really remarkable.


I've had really low days where I just don't want to go to the gym. I want to eat sugary carby things that I somehow in my mind think will make me feel better or somehow make it all go away and just curl up in bed. Coming to terms with being an emotional eater I think has helped me this week in realizing that I need to re-focus that energy into something more positive. Because eating that way, skipping workouts; only make me feel worse.


I left the gym this morning feeling so amazing that it's just hard to put into words. Training for this competition at the same time dealing with my dads battle with terminal cancer has kind of turned into something bigger then just a figure competition for me. I'm really learning a lot about myself, what I can handle and how I overcome those things.


These next six months I have no doubt will be an incredible journey for me and today I'm just feeling so inspired to really go hard and when things get tough, to go even harder.


It feels good knowing how proud of me my dad is that I'm even living this lifestyle and training like I do. I pray every day that he can be there to see me compete and see the results of how hard I've worked. It's something I look forward to every day.


But enough of what sappy stuff is in my head...tomorrow I'm planning on paying for the day to use the Y near my parents, I don't want to miss another day and I really need to focus on consistency.


Tomorrow is Bi's/Tri's and cardio. My bag is packed full of vega and lots of food, pretty sure the food in my bag take up more space then both gym clothes and clothes for the weekend!


I'm ready for whatevers next. Bring it!




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Thank you everyone for all the warm thoughts! You guys rock!


Saturday I ventured into another Maine snow storm to the Y near my parents house for bis/tris and some cardio.


(super set)

DB Inc Curls 15p - 12r x3

DB Inc Skull Crushers 12p - 12r x3


(super set)

Dips on the bench 12r x3

Preacher curls 15p -12r x3


Rope Tri 35p - 12r x3

Rope Curls 30p -12r x3


After that I jumped on a treadmill I bumped the incline up to 8% and did a fast walk for a half hour until the gym closed.


I wanted to do the new routine that I had that included burpees between each set and really work hard but I brought my baby sister with the gym so I was half keeping an eye on her.


She's 12, and very overweight (as are my two other sisters and little brother unfortunately). Last time I was up she asked me if I could bring her to see a gym sometime...who am I to say no to that! So she was very excited when I told her we were going to the Y. Give kids the access to be active and healthy and they WILL do it! I showed her how to use the elliptical and the treadmill...she looked so giddy with her little ipod jamming away.


So though my workout wasn't crazy intense, it was still a good one and nice to spend some time with my little sister.


Today was a rest day and spent most of my day traveling home from Maine. Every time I go up, it becomes harder to come home.


I came home and did all my prep work which I feel really great about! I haven't been doing so well with that lately so I felt so accomplished to get it all done! Everything was chopped, weighed and portioned for all 7 of my meals for the next three days. YAY me...and all without a kitchen! double score!


Well I'm off to go unwind for the night and chug more water...back to the daily grind tomorrow!


Happy Super Bowl Sunday all




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I wanted to do the new routine that I had that included burpees between each set and really work hard but I brought my baby sister with the gym so I was half keeping an eye on her.


She's 12, and very overweight (as are my two other sisters and little brother unfortunately). Last time I was up she asked me if I could bring her to see a gym sometime...who am I to say no to that! So she was very excited when I told her we were going to the Y. Give kids the access to be active and healthy and they WILL do it! I showed her how to use the elliptical and the treadmill...she looked so giddy with her little ipod jamming away.


So though my workout wasn't crazy intense, it was still a good one and nice to spend some time with my little sister.

Good for you!

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Hi Stephanie! I'm new to this site and also new to competing. I'm aiming to do my first show late summer/early fall. Right now I'm trying to get my diet/training plan ironed out and I'm aiming to officially start as of March 1st. A few weeks ago you mentioned that you felt like you had a much better understanding of what to eat/when to eat after talking with the Australian guy... if you don't mind, could you share with me what you've learned? (here or PM, whatever works for you!) You and I seem to be in a similar position: access to help with the training end, but no help on the diet front!


Also, thanks for the PB tip! I LOVE PB!!! lol, I can eat a whole container in one sitting and that is most definitely not going to fly during contest prep!


One other question: what type/flavor of Vega are you using? I hear so many good things about Vega protein products but the one little trial packet I had did not sit well with my taste buds. I'm hoping it was just the flavor and that there's still hope for Vega and I... I know they make a quality product!


And finally, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Stay strong and focus on the iron!


Oh wait, one more thing... I'm so impressed that you can keep it together without a kitchen!!! YOU ROCK!!

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WOW!!!! I'm almost embarrassed that it's been so long since I've last posted in my journal!


@luvpitbulls hi and thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you're going strong with your training!!


I'll be honest, I disappeared because things got a little difficult personally. I was hoping to come back and share some great news, but my good news turned into more bad news


Since I've been fairly open on this forum I feel okay sharing with you what's been going on. Mid March I surprisingly found out I was pregnant. And by surprise I mean, I was on birth control and of course with training for a competition, was in now way planning to extend our family at this time. We were excited though, even with it not being at the time we planned. It was also a nice break and a joy to think about considering the stress of my dads condition (which I'm happy to say he's doing very well right now considering).


I was able to continue on with my training for the first few weeks after I found out I was pregnant, it's always been a goal of mine to continue my fitness as much as possible for my health and of course the health of the baby. After a few weeks though I got very sick, and then began having complications. In the end I did end up losing the pregnancy a little over a week ago.


Needless to say it's been an emotional roller coaster the last month and a half and I've fallen very behind on my training. Well honestly it's been pretty non-existent.


So long story short...that's why I disappeared. It's a little typical of myself to retreat when things get overwhelming tough.


Now that I've had some time to heal emotionally I've had to come up with a new game plan as far as my fitness goals. At this point, I think it's fair to say that I won't be ready to compete in July so my plan now is to focus on bringing down my bodyfat %. Then build lean muscle. I'm thinking by early next year I'll be ready to compete, or at least be in a much more comfortable place that I would feel I could physically be ready to compete.


@luvpitbulls to answer your question about Vega, I use the vanilla flavor (though I'm still crossing my fingers for chocolate). It doesn't blend very well in smoothies, but I actually don't mind the taste mixed simply with water. I use it chug it right down and it's a smooth taste.


Oh and yes, as Robert mentioned I did celebrate my birthday back in February in true competitor fashion, I don't know how to post pictures here, but I enjoyed a giant salad complete with candles as my birthday cake Sadly no real cake for me.


Aside from my bummer news, I do hope everyone has been focused, driven and working every day these last few months towards their goals!


I'm hoping that you'll see a little more of me around here now

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Hi Stephanie,


I also abandoned this forum for a long time, so this is the first time I've read any of your posts, but I just wanted to say that I am sorry for your loss. And that you must be a very strong person to share it with us. Good luck with getting back into your training routine. All it takes is a few days in a row, and then boom, you're back in the saddle! Take Care!

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