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Heyhey from Ontario!


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I've been thinking about joining this forum for awhile, not sure why it took me so long!


I am a 19 year old Fitness and Health college student in Kingston, Ontario. I stopped eating meat when I was 11, but was always a very unhealthy kid (various forms of sugar and fat made up the bulk of my diet). When I moved out a year and a half ago, I decided to start making major lifestyle changes.

After researching how to be a healthier vegetarian, the health benefits of being vegan were very clear so gradually I began cutting out dairy, and all other processed foods.


I also started really getting into fitness, which is why I chose the program I'm in now. I am now 26 pounds lighter then I was and FULL on energy! It's amazing what a vegan diet can do.


I look forward to 'meeting' everyone!

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Hey! Congrats on the health choice!


I just wanted to ask you something. I'm thinking of going to Queen's University in Kingston next year as a student, and I was concerned about the food plans. I'm vegan and I was thinking of doing a high raw (similar to 80 10 10) style diet. Are there any places where we can get fruits and veggies in bulk in Kingston? Where do you get your food to keep you fuelled throughout the day?



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