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Lose 30 pounds!!! Help!

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HELP! Everyone on here seems to know what they're doing. I have been vegan for about 3 years now and am looking to lose 30 pounds but also gain muscle. I go to the gym often - regularly lift weights and recently lost about 45 lbs. But - I'm stuck. I would like to drop my last thirty pounds and get some major definition. I need help with diet - can someone suggest an eating plan to follow that consists of no more than 1300-1500 calories and enough protein to build muscle? Is Robert's book a good route to go?

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There is no calories the body can use in refined sugar so the body automatically stores them as fat.
I agree with your suggestions generally, but that statement isn't correct. Your body will use refined sugar for energy, but it's definitely not optimal for losing weight.
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I'm in the same boat as you and I feel and look so much better getting rid of all refined sugar (and caffeine for me). Getting adequate sleep and waking up at the same time everyday you won't need coffee or sugar to wake you up and you feel fantastic. Getting enough sleep is very crucial to weight loss too.


As for the times when your sweet tooth is going crazy I make hot chocolate from scratch. I take coco powder, powdered soy creamer, soy milk, and STEVIA natural sweetener (you don't want that cancer-causing artificial crap). It really hits the spot when my ovaries are screaming for chocolate. It's pretty much guilt free, no sugar, very low fat, but you get pure coco antioxidants and soy protein!

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