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Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary


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Hey, just found out about this place http://www.towerhillstables.com/, it was set up in 1993 by a lady called Fiona Oaks who is a vegan athlete and a retained fire-fighter! She runs the sanctuary pretty much single-handedly and has around 400 rescued animals! Many of them are ex-farm animals rescued from slaughter but there are also lots of equines, dogs, cats etc - all with a story to tell.


My philosophy is that I am privileged to be able to care for my animals, I do not regard them as my property. I do not attach a financial value to any of them. I try to allow them to interact with each other, where appropriate, in as natural environment as possible with me being there as the "overseer & carer".

My objectives are to give every animal in my care, love and the best possible quality of life I can, and when the time comes, dignity in death.

The cost of running Tower Hill Stables (not including vets bills or maintenance) is over £5200 per month - that is scary! But to help with the astronomical costs there are various ways of supporting it - you can take out a direct debit, buy feed directly from the supplier, sponsor a rescued animal (there are lots to choose from), buy mechadise and clothing, give a one-off donation, donate tools or supplies, or buy the Fit Vegans Calendar that she was featured in! http://www.towerhillstables.com/donations.html

I'm hoping to sponsor Big Bird the turkey as turkey's get such a raw deal. I love turkeys, they make the sweetest little chirrups http://www.towerhillstables.com/files/tabetha_bigbirdsmall.jpg


I also bought the CD 'Journey of the Yak' that is sold to raise funds for the sanctuary. YAK are a progressive rock band and their music is really beautiful and inspiring. This is their YouTube channel where they also have lots of videos of the sanctuary: http://www.youtube.com/user/yaksongs#p/u/0/PxXJ5ngQfzY

Please note that 100% of any donation you may wish to make will go directly to the animals upkeep. I take no wages, I have no staff to pay & there are no administration fees to cover. This site is maintained free of any charge to the sanctuary.


From working from dawn till the evening everyday, huge bills, hundreds of hungry mouths to feed, the never-ending mucking-out, and training for marathons she doesn't have much time for anything else and people may ask why does she do it? Well this is why:

I do it because its the right thing to do. There are countless animals desperate for love & attention, and everywhere around there is appalling cruelty going on to animals & people too.
Man this lady is awesome! Not only does she help animals in the UK but, when in Moscow for a marathon, she was so upset at seeing the poor pensioners trying to care for the street cats and dogs that she now sends them funds to help with the cost of feeding the animals and themselves! And this in on top of all the costs she has to pay for the sanctuary!
People often criticise me for helping Moscow pensioners & say things like what about the UK pensioners? It's comments like this that really make me despair. At the end of the day there is only one race, the human race & it doesn't matter who you help as long as you are helping somebody. For me, that is the only reason we are on this planet, to help one another.


Fiona and her partner are amazing!


So if you have a moment, please check out the site, and give a donation - they really could do with the support!


Tower Hill Stable Animal Sanctuary - January 2010:

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Hi, just stumbled across this thread on the web, so thought I would answer the question


Yes the sanctuary does take Paypal & is still very much in need of support - donations can be sent via [email protected] by Paypal


Also they have set up a page where you can take out a regular monthly donation by paypal - see http://www.towerhillstables.com/monthly.html


There are various amounts to choose from & if you want a different amount, just drop them a line & they will set a new button up - at least thats what it says on the page


This is the best way for a supporter outside the UK to donate as far as I am aware. If you are in the UK then its best to set up a SO which is available at this link http://www.towerhillstables.com/help.html


I am a regular supporter of the work that Fiona does as I think she is an amazing athlete and does so much for the animals too

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