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Special Deal on Organic Hemp Protein in Bulk

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Mums created the best Hemp Protein around. I have been actively seeking a way to carry the highest quality product. They are creating a new line and offering the older product at a deep discount. I don't have the exact pricing yet however I will be receiving 100lbs of Hemp Protein and it needs to go! It will expire by Jan 2012.


Triple Cold Milled Organic Hemp Protein Powder sourced from finnola http://www.mumsoriginal.com/.


Thankfully R.C. hooked us up with probably one of the most knowledgeable people around for hemp. He works for several different lines and this one is his favorite. This brand is rated at the top in terms of quality.


Vegan Proteins will be the only company carrying this in the states and we'd like to offer a special forum only deal to those who want it. As soon as I can figure out what it will cost, I can spread the word to our community so we can benefit. I'm thinking proceeds can help towards the documentary which is finally moving forward with an estimated final production date to hopefully be around the fall.


I looked at prices and hopefully we can compete or moreover beat Nutiva bulk prices. I have been told that Nutiva is not of good quality and have chosen not to go with them. Mum's will be better and cheaper for us


If anyone can please respond with how many lbs you may want pre order, I can make sure to help out!

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This is Heirloom Organic Hemp Protein from a specific high quality farm and definitely one of if not the best out there on the market.


The average price range depends on what type you're getting (Nutiva is not as good, general consensus amongst those in the hemp industry) and how they process. The cheaper brands range from $7-9 per lb. Some places charge more.


We will probably be advertising it on our websitee for $8.00-8.50 per lb depending on qty purchased.


This is a community we hold dear to us and we want to hook you up.


Anyone who is ordering from here will get it for $7 per lb. I believe each pkg is 1.1kg or 2.2lbs. So that would be the min and it's in increments of 2.2lbs etc..


It was shipped from Canada to us today and we are being told it will arrive on or before January 17th.


Looking forward to helping out

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kckas, I wouldn't say it is 'bad', only not as good meaning this farm is better and the seed used is of better quality. I am gathering information from a person who has worked in the industry throughout his career for most of the different farms and brands. This is his favorite and he has since weeded out the others. I will get that info and relay it back asap. Would be good to know why, I agree.


[email protected]@ absolutely, I will let you know as soon as it arrives and have a price per bag, etc.

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Can you point me to an article or some information that says Nutivia is bad? I currently buy both their organic hemp seeds and powder in bulk and though I've not tried other brands the taste and quality seem good.




Answer: As for info, I am not sure if I sent you the Did you know article for mums, that explains the differences but not with any brand in particular. We have never compared ourselves to other brands just other seed, we just don't want to look like we are calling anyone out.. I would tell your customers that we the only company to use the Finnola seed, which contains 25-30% higher GLA than any other hemp. We have No non organic products at all since our whole farm is a certified organic farm. Article on while Mum's is different than other.


Hope the verbage helps. I just get excited when I can offer something good. Anything you use that iraw unprocessed and vegan is of much better quality han most.


Sorry I don't have a reference to where this article is coming from. Got in an email and short on time. I will try to cite it later if need be. Here goes:


Did you Know?

 Hempseed is free of gluten, mold, yeast, nuts and dairy.

 Mum’s Hemp GLA levels are up to 25% higher than other brands.

 Mum’s Hemp is organic, non‐GMO and is low in carbohydrates.

 Hempseed contains the highest source of vegetable protein found on

earth and contains all 20 known amino acids including the 9 essential

amino acids (EAAs) our bodies cannot produce.

 Hemp provides an excellent alternative to Soy as recent research has

identified soy’s harmful effects (for example: most soy is GMO, has a

high content of phytic acid which inhibits absorption of iron; has

phytoestrogens that interfere with thyroid functioning; Chinese

produced soy is often produced with aluminum which is toxic to the

nervous system and kidneys; processing of soy protein results in the

formation of toxic lysinoalanine and highly carcinogenic

nitrosamines…and the studies continue!)

 Hempseed contains omega‐3s and omega‐6s (essential fatty acids

which cannot be made by our body and thus need to be derived from

our foods) with the optimal ratio between 2:1 and 3:1. Many nutritional

studies have investigated the health benefits of essential fatty acids

(EFAs), most of which can be attributed to the anti‐ inflammatory and

lipid lowering properties. EFAs influence the immune system and

regulate mood and cognitive functions. Research also indicates that

omega‐3. consumption can assist in management of health conditions

such as: depression, cancer, lupus and asthma

 Hemp is one of the few foods on earth with an omega 6 EFA called

gama‐lineic‐acid(GLA). GLA is necessary to produce anti‐inflammatory

compounds, and affects pain, blood pressure, fluid balance, blood

clotting, hormone production and function. GLA also inhibits the

production of pro‐inflammatory compounds and allows our cells to

remain fluid. GLA must be consumed as our body does not make it.

Very few foods provide GLA’s and is only found in hemp, borage oil,

blackcurrant oil, evening primrose and mother’s milk.

 Medical research on Hempseed indicates that it: (i) improves

symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, heart disease, eczema,

rheumatoid arthritis, and asthma; (ii) increases the effectiveness of

drugs used to treat breast cancer; and (iii) can reduce weight regain

with major weight loss.

 Hempseed contains several plant enzymes which help reduce

cholesterol levels, as they prevent the uptake of cholesterol into the

blood. Additionally, Hempseed contains 44% fibre, 92% of which is

soluble. Clinical research has shown that soluble fibre lowers

cholesterol levels so this high ratio is very positive.

 Hempseed contains several forms of vitamin E: a known antioxidant.

It also contains many vitamins and minerals, especially substantial

amounts of manganese, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc,

and vitamin B1 and B5.

 Hempseed has Chlorophyll in it which our body can easily transform

into haemoglobin, increasing the flow of oxygen to all parts of the body.

 Hempseed contains several nutrients which are not present in flaxseed

(e.g. GLA and chlorophyll), and it contains more vitamins and minerals

than flaxseed. Additionally, flaxseed contains several anti‐nutrients:

cyanogenic glycosides, vitamin B6 antagonistic factors, lignans, and


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  • 2 weeks later...

It's arrived and up for sale at http://www.veganproteins.com (between $8.00-$9.50 per lb). The shipping cost us double what we had expected. HOWEVER... We are keeping true to our offer for all community members for a period of time @ $7.00 per lb.


You can see our retail posting here.


It comes in 2 kilo bags (4.41lbs). @ vbbf community price ($7 per lb):


2 kilos = $30.87 ($45.87 shipped)

4 kilos = $61.74 ($76.74 shipped)

6 kilos = $92.61 ($107.61 shipped)


(shipping is added in above at $15.00)


A pm is necessary prior to checkout.


Let me know if this will work for you. Hope we can help.


On a future note...

So we got word that due to the flooding this year in Canada as a whole they only havested about 125k kilos and they usually do around 350k. A lot of the wholesalers are now going to China to meet the demand. We have a lock on the highest quality farm out there. Other wholesalers tried to pay 4x what Mum's does to get better quality inventory. The finnola seed farm (only one), stuck with Mum's because they are loyal and like the company. Mum's only deals with us for bulk hemp protein. They may not carry it in the future however we have it for now and will likely have a good product to offer in the future when this runs dry. Just keeping you posted on the excited news for 2011 @ veganproteins

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I just had to carry those heavy boxes of hemp! Man, they don't mess around. Heavy, heavy boxes. They must have known they were arriving at a bodybuilder's house


Adena, Lean and Green will follow up soon. He's out at the moment,.



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OK. I like your idea adena


So to usethe VBBF community discount, please pm me for the coupon code to enter at checkout. Please specify which one you want (2kg, 4kg or 8kg). You can then order on the site and enter the code at checkout to receive the $7 per lb discount rate for being a forum member


For those who I pmmed, sorry about the confusion. I got so excited about this, I kind of rushed through the message.


Mum's the word!

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Stock is running out vegmama. I'll hold on to a 2kg for you at least. We'll have something new once this order runs dry for sure (prob by the end of next week for sure possibly sooner). Would be different product and different pricing however still comparable in quality because our vendor rocks!!!


I am excited to make some yummy bars too!


Would you and anyone else who can post some good recipes? I want to try some of this too.

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rah rah! ordering now. (^_^) plus a few other goodies. hehe.


here's what i'm going to try:




hemp protein

ground flax

agave nectar


maybe i'll add a nut butter or coconut oil, but pecans are pretty moist nuts so it might be unnecessary. once i get the flavor and texture right, i'll share more details! so excited!!

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YUM! just got my hemp protein from VP and it is gooooood!! made some raw bars:


1 cup dates (i used medjool)

2/3 cup pecans

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 cup hemp protein powder


i processed the nuts and cinnamon first, then added the dates, then the protein powder. then i rolled out the mixture and cut it into bars and froze them.



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We're out temporarily (should be 1-3 weeks and then we'll have more in stock). I am trying to workout a price with the exporter that will benefit us with a consistent long term supply. My price point will actually be higher than the price paid this time around... I am confident that we can work out a happy medium, because shipping+customs alone runs us $2.70 per lb to import from Canada. Luckily, this is the best stuff around so I am willing to stand behind it and carry it over the cheaper hemp. Not to worry though, we'll keep as competitive a price as possible on it.


vegmama looks delicious!


I am going to try date, oats, hemp, coconut shreds

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