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Hello from Chico, CA

Sophia P

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I first learned about Vegan Bodybuilding at the AR2010 conference in DC. I saw a woman with awesome biceps wearing a VBB tank top and I asked her how I could get arms like that. She suggested I join this group. Six months later, here I am.


I just turned 33 years old yesterday and I have decided that this is the year of my physical health. Along with some other resolutions, this goal of physical health includes strengthening my arms, core, and back.


I have done weight training on and off through the years, but I have decided that I will focus on lifting free weights at home. I have a set of 5 pound weights and those seem to be a good match for me right now. I hope to graduate to 8 pound weights soon!


Thanks for being here. It's so nice to have a community of compassionate people. Thank you!

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I wish we were at AR2010, awesome conference to meet fellow compassionate peeps like yourself.


Congrats on choosing the yr of physical health and perfect place to be is right here. It is very motivating to be around the same energy, inspire others, be supported, etc etc



Hope to see you around and glad to hear you already at it!!!

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