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Working out without access to Gym facilities


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Guys & Girls hello to you all. My first post.

New year etc etc....and I'm trying to look after what I've got!

Here's the deal. I'm 11.5 Stone and thin as a rake from head to toe apart from a little spare around the waist.

I enjoy press-ups and sit-ups although lower ab region not as defined as upper.

I swim and run in moderation but not much else and would like to increase my core strength and legs in particular as thighs & calves not very strong.

For the next 8 months I won't have access to gym facilities due to working/living in a rural area. Therefore I need to adapt an alternative work-out.

In essence, I'm looking for an all-body workout with extra emphasis on the legs.

What do you recommend?

I really appreciate your assistance in getting me on the right track.

Wishing you all the very best for 2011


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i was watching a few vids on youtube last week - i think they were called ghetto workout or something like that


found the vid:

and there are lots more like that


pullups, chin-ups, dips, pushups - flat and decline, leg-raises, planks, one legged squats and you can get a crazy pump in many muscles just from flexing over and over


also if you have time to shop or order them you can get those resistance bands:

or easily make your own out of bungie chords which come in all kinds of thicknesses which you can combine or link for infinite combinations


since you mentioned an emphasis on legs - in addition to one-legged squats (fill a back-pack with water for increased resistance - of course put the water in something! lol) you can do stiff-legged deadlifts for a crazy ham workout - especially if you stand on a step so the weight is lower than your feet - just need to find something heavy and figure out a way to lift it - rope or something like that - there's another workout i just saw in muscle and fitness for hams that i think just requires a short pole (sturdy stick?) here's a vid called ham killers -you could even do this on the floor with your feet under a bed or something:

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