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Vegan Roomate wanted. share space at VeganProteins house =)

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I trimmed down my search requirements b/c if you are posting or reading here on the forum, you must rock


Location: Woodstock Area / 60’s

Short term roommate (2 months) possibly longer. Move in as early as Jan 29th.

$300 rent / amenities can be included and negotiated


THE HOUSE: A 2 bedroom bungalow near 60th and Woodstock. Only a 10 minute drive to downtown.

There is space for your furnishings and also extra storage in my finished office behind the house. The bedroom is pretty cozy, but a queen bed and a dresser can be fit in it. It also has large closets and a built in dresser as well. I have a Washer and Dryer. Dishwasher. Electric heat. Full wrap around yard, fully fenced in.


ME: A 30 year old vegan male who works full time in banking. I run a online business in my free time, so I am busy a lot. I’m pretty laid back, not really a party person, although I do like having some friends over. I have 3 dogs: 2 small, very energetic little guys. 1 older, docile Lab mix who is recovering from surgery and rests most of the time. The older dog will be moving to San Fran in about a month to be with her original owners.


YOU: No crazy partying but having a few people over is just fine. Dogs are welcome. If you don’t have a companion animal, please love mine, as I know they can be a handful sometimes. This may be a temporary situation, but will not be shorter than 2 month, and may be much longer.

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