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So what did you eat today?


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Glass of lemon/lime flavoured water with 1.5g Beta Alanine. And a multivitamin.


Breakfast Smoothie #1


400ml soy milk

200ml water

10ml omega oils

1 scoop brown rice protein

50g frozen blueberries

20g almonds

20g sunflower seeds

25g oats

34g ground flaxseed

1/2 apple


Breakfast Smoothie #2


400ml water

1 banana

1/2 tin pineapple and juice

1tsp maca

1 scoop protein (70% pea, 30% rice)

10g coconut oil

25g oats

1tsp omega oils


Lunch Smoothie


Half a bag of kale (100g)

500ml water

40g ground flax seed

60g pumpkin seeds

1tsp spirulina




200g quinoa (weighed when dry)

1 tin black eyed beans

1 tin kidney beans


Pre workout


1tbs EAA's

1.5g beta alanine

3g creatine ethyl esther

300ml water


Post workout


1tbs EAA's

1.5g beta alanine

300ml water


Then shake-

400ml lemon/lime flavoured water

1 banana

1tsp maca

1 scoop protein (70% pea, 30% rice)

1tsp omega oils

8 dates

1tsp dulse


Night shake


600ml soy milk

75g oats

1.5 scoops brown rice protein


And a lot of water inbetween!


It's about 8:30pm just now. If I'm hungry later I'll have something else, maybe a couple of slices of toast or something or a small shake before bed. But I will be having another small serving beta alanine and prob some carbonated apple juice.



That's prob no use to someone who isn't trying to cram in a lot of calories, but I'm a bit bored at the moment so thought what the hell haha.

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Today I had




1 cup oats


~1 oz almonds

1 cup soy milk


Breakfast shake


1/4 pumpkin seeds

3 tablespoons flax seeds

1 banana

2 tablespoons pea/rice protein

1 rounded teaspoon spirulina

2 cups soy milk



1 can of black beans

1.5 cups cooked brown rice

half package of spinach (~4 cups)


After workout

2 cups soy milk

1 banana

2 tablespoons pea/rice protein



can of chickpeas

half package raw spinach

2 medium baked potatoes


It's 6:50 pm and I'll probably eat a couple peanut butter sandwiches before i go to bed. Also lots of water throughout.

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What a great thread idea, I joined here about half a year ago and just getting back into it. I joined as a vegetarian and am now living a vegan diet so it's neat to see what others are eating on a day-to-day basis. And WOW Chewybars, those shakes look epic!



-2 slices toast w/ Earth Balance & Marmalade

-1.5 cups granola & nut cereal fortified with vitamin B6 + 1 cup hemp bliss

-1 glass Kombucha



-4 Burritos w/ veggie ground round, tomatoes, lettuce, orange bell pepper, and a thai peanut sauce



-1 glass Kombucha

-Pita + roasted pine nut hummus

-1.5 cups mixed berry juice with 16g raw hemp protein

-1.5 cups cabbage soup w/ tomatoes & Barley

-Handful of almonds

-1 cup almond milk w/ 8g raw hemp protein

-Deva vegan multivitamin

-1 pill 5-HTP

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From the Thrive diet by Brandon Brazier (with a littel twist)


1 to 1.5 cups of sol milk

TBSP hemp protein powder

TBSP ground flax

TBSP ginger

1 big bananna

.25 cup of almonds chopped up

Homemade Lara bar*

.5 cup of blueberries (frozen, but they thaw out in a min or two in the milk)


I take the soy milk, hemp, flax and ginger and blend it up in a blender. Pour it into a bowl. Add the almonds, cut up the bananna and lara bar and add the blueberries. Not a quick breakfast, but tastes great.

*Homemade Lara bar

3 oz of fresh dates (pit taken out)

3 oz of nuts (I used walnuts for this new batch)

dash of cinnamon

throw all into a food processor and run it till it mixes, maybe 30-60 seconds. It will look like a ball of brownish gunck. Lay it onto wax paper, place another sheet on it and roll it out flat, may 1/4 inch thick. Slice into bars, wrap it up in the wax paper, put it in a ziplock or frezzor bag and put it in the frezzor for storage. It will not get rock hard in the frezzor, but it will dry out in the fridge.

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