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Just found this site. I am a woman ht 5'2 wt 125. I am eager to get lean. My goal is to weight is 110 . So came my user name Temple110. I feel that our bodies are special Temples of the Spirit, and somewhere I lost touch of that because mine ain't looking so holy right now.


I love growing my own vegetables. I got Chard, broccolli, green onions... growing plenty right now. I have a beautiful family including our 2 dogs, one which just put his head on my laptop just to get closer to me.


I finally got myself to let the gym test my BF the other day. When the gym staff guy brought up diet, I replied "I eat good things I am a vegetarian". The first thing out of his mouth was "oh then you don't get enough protein". He just assumed that I don't get enough protein because I don't eat meat. So after that encounter I went online and Googled Vegetarian and Vegan Body Builders. So you can imagine my smile when I saw your pics on this site.


My experience with being active has been running. In the past I ran distance. Running soothes my mind, but running alone has not made the break through I need.


Not sure how to start with the weights? Cardio is my comfort zone, so I been kicking myself off the cardio machines after 30 minutes to make myself pick up weights. I kinda have just been going from one station to the next, doing 3 sets of 15 on each machine or free weight. Don't know what I am doing but figure it is better to do something than nothing at all.


Can someone direct me to a weekly workout plan, you know weight workout for dummies version with pictures?

I am very self motivated when I got a plan. Temple110 needs a plan.



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Great to have you here!


We're in the process of revamping the main veganbodybuilding.com website to have some things like programs listed right on it.


The forum is full of those types of things too. Explore around and have fun!


All the best and welcome aboard!



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Temple110, I have to say I get a really good vibe from you right off the bat (you must be a veggie Seriously, love your energy, enthusiasm, positivity and spirit. It will be awesome to cross paths again with you on this forum.


As far as that ignorant trainer, this unfortunately happens far too often in gyms and exercise groups. It is very untrue and biased when others say a vegan diet is devoit of protei and you can't get enough. I personally get anywhere from 1.5 - 3 grams of proteins per lb of my bodyweight everyday, no problem. You can direct them to an article I wrote on our site http://www.veganproteins.com titled 'where do you get that protein'


Stick with a routine, there is no major mystery to it all. Consistency will make you feel good and create/maintain your drive. Doing weights 3+ days a week for a month and you'll be hooked. You'll see.


Welcome aboard and see you around

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Welcome to the group! If you aren't comfortable doing weights alone you can always try a group fitness class if your gym has them. This way there isn't usually an extra charge, and you can learn proper form, and technique. Then as you get more comfortable you can do it on your own, knowing that you won't get hurt using improper form.

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Welcome aboard! I am like you, very comfortable and familiar with running and cardio. It's all I really did for the last two years. But once you get into a consistent weight routine I have no doubts you will absolutely love it!


I've had trainers tell me the same thing about getting protein. I work with one now as I prep for my first figure comp and though he's okay with it, he brings up me eating fish on occassion. I'm anxious to show him that I don't need animal proteins!


Good luck with your journey! I wish you all the best and great successes!

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